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20 thoughts on “Cuckold sketches

  1. Hi Wannabe, most people prefer the real thing, either as a picture or video. But what you can achieve in drawing your (in my opinion) verygood & erotic sketches, is a fantasy and stimulating scenes. You could always do sketches of scenes, to peoples fetishes.
    My fetish is wife dressed in stockings and garter belts, minis, and tattoed, serving 3 very very well hung really black dominant men. I cannot post their real pictures on these sites as wife is known to very many.
    I would love to see some of your sketches with above senario

      1. Hi Wannabe,

        Love your work – very horny !!! You have a skill man !

        I want to send you a photo of my blonde wife , if would be great if you can sketch her being fucked in the ass by a black guy ?

        Let me know your email addy…

      2. Hi Wannabe can u do skatch of my wife fuckin with two big blak cocks ill send u a pic of her and my email thx

      1. Posting any contact information in the comments body is strictly forbidden!

      2. Yeah they won’t let me put an email in here. You’d have to create a name inside “community” and then you could contact me, my user name is wmd. its easy to do, free of course. wanted to ask you about them

  2. Great sketch!
    I also do these kind of sketches linked to my fantasy,but the cocks are any colour as I’m black,but the excitement is really strong when I think of my lady just touching a huge cock!

  3. Hi Wannabe, & Bandalu.
    It is nice to see sex sketchs, as the pictures can be to “certain ” peoples fetish,s.
    Also the drawings can be extreme, in that cocks (though many REAL black cocks are mind blowingly big), In fantasy they can be exadurated, and black men themselves bodies can be hugely muscular , and have shaved heads and be extremely black bodied and “ugly”. while white slut is beautiful but is just a slut for black cock.
    You can also add pic of white wimp hubby, with his massive 3″ cock (lol), dribbling his puny cum down himself.
    Love to see some soon.

  4. It’s even hot watching a black man fucking a blonde wife with lactating tits and her loser husband just watch holding his baby. The black bull suckles on her healthy breast milk and her husband feeds his baby the formulated milk!!

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