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Cuckolding – sport for Bulls

If you’re looking for one, I’m a married white male … poorly endowed … that loves to converse with guys that are proud of their manhood. I think a man with an ample organ should be admired … worshiped even. I’m not afraid to admit that I’d give most anything to have a real cock between my legs. I’m sure my wife would love to feel one between her legs too …

I know that society has made well-endowed guys often feel a bit guilty and uneasy about revealing their rightful feelings of superiority. The fact is though, if you have a long thick cock between your legs, you were destined to win the only competition in life that really matters. Don’t let society make you feel guilty. Seek out lesser endowed “males” for cuckolding and take all the pleasure you deserve. Evolution proves that it’s YOUR cock that belongs in the lesser male’s mate … not his.

Of course, we’re no longer competing in the jungles for our mates, but the competition goes on just the same. It’s obvious to me that when a well endowed man converses with a poorly endowed one that at least two things happen.

The larger man becomes more dominant, gains self-confidence and women love that. Therefore on balance, he becomes more assertive, gains more partners and fucks FAR more often! His libido is enhanced and the overall quality of his sexual life is enhanced. It has been estimated that guys with 8 inch cocks average over 7 times as many partners as guys with under 5 inches. Obviously then, the encounters are VERY healthy for his sex life. That is reason enough to participate.Cuckolding - sport for Bulls

On the other hand … equally valid and important … the inferior man becomes obsessed with self-doubt about his own sexuality … and therefore fucks less and less. In addition, when he does get that increasingly infrequent chance to mate, he may find he has developed certain “performance” issues. Society says you should feel guilty for this, but that’s nonsense. It’s completely natural and good for the species. It’s an acomplishment to smile about and be proud of.

In fact, the ultimate sublime erotic pleasure for the well endowed male is to instill a virtual psychological impotence in the inferior man thereby taking his little dick completely off the market … and to inseminate his mate. In modern cuckoldry, this has become a major part of the payoff for the well endowed man. Limiting the inferior man to masturbation (or less) is very erotic. I’m told that there’s a bonus too. Turns out that subsequent calls to his frustrated wife (if she’s still with him) can yield some really hot phonesex.
Cuckolding - sport for Bulls
Obviously, women are not passive in the selection process. Women love to talk and network among themselves. While the poorly endowed male may try acting confident as he asks for a date, he is often rebuffed with a sweet sexy smile by the girl of his dreams as a simple “I don’t think so” naturally rolls off her full lips. He may never realize that the only girl he slept with last year told all of her friends about his wothless cock. Those friends told their friends and so on and so on.

Again, it’s evolutionary, but in the modern world, young sexy women love talking about guys. Cock size is right at the top on the “giggle” list. The well endowed man benefits from this networking. The hottest, sexiest, youngest, and most fertile females are often already half way to “YES” before he even notices them.
Cuckolding - sport for Bulls
So I think it’s very natural … and good … for a man with an enviable thick cock seek out these predatory encounters. He’s entitled. He shouldn’t feel any guilt whatsoever with his dominant role in this dance. In fact, if he’s honest with himself, he’ll become aroused and excited on a primal level as he progresses toward victory in this game.

Some say that it’s an indication of homosexuality, because so often the inferior “man” finds himself on his knees worshiping a big thick aroused cock. I don’t think so. For the well hung male, this is the “end game”. There’s an intensely erotic and pleasurable payoff that comes with watching the completion of his prey’s ultimate transition toward emasculation. After all, this the real man’s goal from the start.

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22 thoughts on “Cuckolding – sport for Bulls

  1. You are right on, mjohn !

    It is good that you and other white men know your place.

    Us blacks will gladly take our rightful role as breeder of white women.

    But you are all welcome to watch the hot action.

    You are there only for logistics. We blacks own your women.

    1. It´s not only the cock size. Muscles,stamina in every way the blacks are better. They will rule us because they have our womens.

    2. Black men deserve their label as superior lovers. They run the show and turn pussy inside out. Black men make a girl (or sissy boy) not shy about begging/screaming for more. Motherfuckers be walking sideways for week or two after taking big black did all night. I got really high on drugs and wine one time and spent the night with a big dick black man (even though I was married at the time). He gave me an anal orgasm so intense I thought my back would break…AND three facials before morning light. Never saw him again. Needless to say, I wish I had a black master; do anything for him.

  2. bbc aaron you are so correct, you the black man is so superior to me the whiteman. yes you do own our white women and rightly so. And like black to white above , i also submit to you the superior male.
    Thank you master for allowing us wimp white cucks to witness you servicing and using our wives, daughters etc for your pleasure. And if you wish to breed with our women. it is our duty as cucked white wimps to bring up and spoil your child/children, and give them all the advantages we can , even over our own children (if we were to have had them, prior to our wives finding true sex with the blackman

  3. You nailed it on everything you said. I myself can’t get any pussy at all but it makes me very proud to see the black guys getting all the white pussy. They like pussy and they need it.

    We white boys know that the white girls want black dick. We know it builds up the black guys ego and self esteem when they get white pussy.

    We know that the black guys have the advantage over us with their dominance over our white females and if they want can keep us from getting any pussy by telling the white girls to turn us down. Not let us have any pussy. Make em black dick only white girls.

    They can even have our white girls dominate us and force us boys into bi sexual situations with each other for their entertainment. Make us boys their after sex entertainment for the real men and the pretty ladies they fuck.

    I suppose the only thing worse than not being allowed any pussy is being forced suck other white dicks that ain’t getting none either all while being watched and laughed at by the ones who are fucking normally and having frequent sex like it’s supposed to be done.

  4. Every black man deserve a white slut who will fuck and suck his cock when ever he wants. White men rule the world from a financial perspective and it will take years for black men to overcome the in justice of slavery. But like sports you can’t put a guys out there on the football field, basketball court, and make him a superior athlete the worst athlete will be exposed. White men are expose when compared to the black man sexually, there is no where to hide. White women always are searching for the best sexually experience that in their DNA and the Black superior Stud is willing to please

  5. Guys i feel sry for some of you.proud to say Im a white canadian standing only 5’9 tall with a 9 inch dick between my legs ( 10 if the lady rly knows what shes doin)

  6. as a wimp hubby i know the feeling of have no pussy in about one year.
    and this make me better feeling. no more stress and bad mind. i agree with my place and i am going to use to it.

  7. I know, understand and accept this as the future. White pussy is and will be for the black man whenever he wants it. We boys must do without and only masturbate. Our efforts must be geared towards convincing our white females to give that white pussy to the black man instead of us. Black guys like that white pussy, they want it and deserve it. Some of us white boys may like it and want it but we don’t deserve it so we must not desire it or accept it if it is offered to us.

    This must be our new commitment to make and uphold.

  8. I believe that all white people should submit themselves to the superior black race, to be their sex slaves. All white men should be forced to wear cock cages so we can’t bred with our women, that is the sole right of the blackman. I love this website for giving us the chance to spread this idea of black cuckold sex and black race superiority around the world. What a better place the world would be if all people shared this vision!!! That’s what I call Black Power!!!

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  10. Black should and do rule the white race. My
    wife has recently started. fucking black men
    and wants her next lover to be our daughters
    muscular 19 yr old Black. bf. I of course
    support her desire as long as ou daughter
    doesn’t find out .I am afraid of muscle bound
    God as I know what could to me if I angered
    Him. Stil …I want his cock in my wife…and mr

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