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Curious Latina girlfriend

This is my girlfriend of 22 years. I’m 23 and she’s told me she wants a dildo, I gave her the options of picking a white or black one and she picked the black one, it is 9 inch and 2 inch girth. She tells me black guys always hit on her in class. I know she wants her pussy stretched I asked her if she did while having sex and said yes. I think she’s scared to admit it, anymore test that I could do to find out she wants a fat black cock?
Curious Latina girlfriendCurious Latina girlfriendCurious Latina girlfriendCurious Latina girlfriend

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9 thoughts on “Curious Latina girlfriend

  1. Does she put the tip of her pointing finger in her mouth and tilt her head to the left when asked about anything sexual?

  2. Either send her photos of black cocks from anonymous number or while sex ask her to watch porn before sex with you and search up Latina taking bbc. I watched my Mexican gf take black cock dildo she cummed fast while sucking my cock. After she cums have her ride u

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