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13 thoughts on “Desires loads of blackmen

  1. Wow, Shannon you are so hot and sexy. You certainly do deserve a group of black guys to help you fill you fantasies.
    Let me know when you do. Your husbands a very lucky guy.

    Best Regards,

  2. You certainly do deserve to be happy and satisfied. I’m sure there are Balck Bulls who would love to please you.
    Just don’t forget the primary duty of the white women to please (and always obery)as many Black Men as possilble.
    Your bautiful – Good Luck!

  3. Shannon,where are you located? I’d do you DEEP HARD & OFTEN!! I’m in Mass,just South of Boston….Damm,Baby!!…you’re Fine!!
    btw..e-mail me sometime, I have pix of me and MWFs…

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