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Exwife Sex Story part2

Donna then slowly pulled her mouth away from Tom’s black cock and began to gently kiss is and make love to it, I could tell that she was completely mesmerized by it and it’s massive size. She stood up and sat beside him slowly playing with his cock while finished his drink. She then asked him if he would like a refill and got up and got him another. They just sat there for a while kissing and her ever stroking on his manhood, I could see that it was beginning to get hard again and eventually they made their way to the bedroom. I thought ahead a little and place a chair so that I could sit down while I watched the event.

When they got to the bedroom he took total command over her, Donna loved to be submissive and I had never see her so eager to fulfill the pleasure of her Master. He began by telling her to get on her
knees in front of him and suck his cock. She asked him if he wanted her to remove her clothing yet and he asked her why she was still talking and to get on his cock, she quickly positioned herself in
front of him and began slowly working it to total hardness again.Exwife Sex Story

He kept telling her how good of a cocksucker she was and how he like to cum in her mouth and wanted to cum on her face again like they did the time before. I was shocked because the things she was doing with him were things that we had never done or even talked about. After his cock got good and hard he told her to bend over in front of the dresser and she quickly complied. He just pulled her skirt up and as I suspected, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, she told him that she dressed as he commanded her to and if her black Master was pleased, he said nothing as he positioned to slowly push his enormous cock inside her. He wasn’t even halfway in when she began screaming, I could hardly believe that she came before he even had it all the way in. She was pushing herself onto him and telling him how much she loved having his cock inside her. They went at it for about 30 minutes and I bet she came 5 or 6 times before he pulled out and told her to get on her knees and suck it again. She quickly turned and got down in front of him and sucked on it madly for a couple of minutes until he pulled out and stroked it until he came all over her face, hair and the front of her shirt, she kept trying to get as much of it in her mouth as she could but missed most of it. He told her that she was a good cocksucker and to take her clothes off and get on the bed, face down.

She got up and rushed to get her clothes off and flopped down on the bed on top of the bedspread face down. He told her to put her ass up in the air a little so that he could mount her, he then put it back in and began to mercilessly ram his huge cock inside her. She was screaming louder and louder, I began to wonder if the neighbors would call the cops. Her orgasms were almost back to back. He kept this up for at least 45 minutes without stopping, she became like putty in his hands and was obviously the most skillful lover that she had ever had. It was like he knew what to do to her exactly when to do it. He then pulled out of her, seemed like it took him 30 seconds to pull all of it out and asked her if she had brought the lube like he told her to. She then reached into the nightstand and
handed it to him. I thought that she was just getting dry and needed lube, but when I seen him lubing her ass up I knew what they were about to do.

He lubed himself and told her to put her ass up in the air for him to enter her. He positioned himself and began to slowly work himself in her tight virgin ass. I was totally shocked to see this, my heart
was pounding with excitement seeing my wife taking this huge cock up her ass and it was hard enough for me to get a blow job from her. Up until now I thought that she was somewhat of a prude about certain things, but now she was like a wild woman. I was almost weak with anticipation as to what was going to happen next.
Exwife Sex Story
When he finally worked the head of it in she began screaming and begging him to take it out, he told her just to relax and let him do the work. He stood still for a minute and started to work it in even
farther when she started to pull away, he just moved with her until she was pinned against the headboard. He kept telling her to relax and that the pain would go away after a few minutes. It took him
almost a half an hour to get it all in her and slowly stroking in and out of her. Her screams turned into whimpers and then back to screams as she began to climax. I could hardly tell if it was pain or pleasure because she was screaming so loud. He was talking to her the whole time asking her if her husband had ever fucked her in the ass, she told him that he was the only one and that it felt so good. She told him that she couldn’t believe that he could get his huge cock inside her like that. He went on to tell her that her ass was his and his only and she responded to that by saying “yes Master, my white ass is YOURS”. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing, she was giving her ass to him and practically begging him to fuck her anytime he wanted.

He began to push his cock in her harder and faster while holding his arms above her shoulders so as to get more penetration. He told her that he was going to fill her ass full of his seed and she began to
beg him to please cum in her ass and fill it with his cum. Shortly after this he lungged harder until he was obviously cumming inside her, she kept grinding back into him with a satisfied smile on her face. He just laid there on top of her for a few minutes and got up and walked into the bathroom. I could hear him turn the shower on and hollered for her to come in and wash him off, she quickly got out of bed and skampered into the bathroom. They left the door open but I could hardly make out what was going on while they were in there. Eventually they made their way back to the bedroom still naked from the shower. She began to towel him off starting with his back and head and legs and finished off with his cock. She was sitting on the bed with his cock in front of her again and after she got done toweling off his member began to lovingly lick and suck on it again. He chuckled and said “I guess you cant get enough of this black snake, can you?” She then looked up with his cock still in her mouth and tried to say “no” with it still in her mouth. She kept sucking on it making it hard again, he kept telling her that she was the best cocksucker that he had ever seen and started to face fuck her. I couldnt believe how much of it she was able to get in her mouth and worked at taking in as much as she could.

He asked her what she wanted now and she said that she wanted him to cum inside her and fill her pussy up with his cum. I could hardly believe my ears, she wasn’t on the pill and was probably close to
being in season to get preg. I don’t know if she thought about this or not, maybe that was what turned her on. Eventually, he turned around and sit on the bed, she positioned herself onto the floor on
her knees bent down in front of him sucking on his still growing cock. When it got hard he laid back on the bed and she crawled up on top of him. I had a good view of her placing the head of his cock
into he hot pussy, she worked it in until she got every inch of it in. She came almost immediately as soon as she had it all in and began to madly work her hips grinding her clit against his shaft. I had never seen her so turned on, I don’t even think at this time that she even remembered me being right outside. She seemed oblivious to any of her surroundings. She kept grinding on him for seemed like
and hour until he told her that he was ready to cum as he grabbed her hips and began to pound her underneath. They collapsed onto the bed and laid there for a fair amount of time. I could hear him tell
her that it was getting late and that he had to be going. She got up and began to suck his cock again, looked up to him and asked him with a teasing look on her face, “are you sure?”. He just laughed
and said he hated to, but he had to get up early to work. They then got up and put their clothes on and made their way to the door. The gave each other an embrace and he left.

I could hardly wait to get back in to talk to her about it, but I was feeling such a variety of emotions I could hardly sort them out. I walked in and she had a huge smile on her face, she asked me how I liked the show and I could hardly speak. She laughed at me teasingly and thanked me for the opportunity to fuck Tom again. I sort of choked and told her that she was welcome. I asked her if she had a good time and she just rolled her eyes back in her head as if to say how intense it was. I told her that it really turned me on to see her enjoying another guy but I was mixed about it emotionally. She just came up to me and gave me a big hug kissed me and told me that she still loved me. I asked her if she was still planning to see Tom again, she just sort of shrugged her shoulders with a big smile on her face.

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  1. I could hardly breathe and I think I would have died there but at that moment I envied my sister beyond riches…As she moved away from me I wanted to reach out for her but now she was purposeful.

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