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Exwife Sex Story

I wanted to relay this story about my exwife, Donna. I had long wanted to see her pleasured by another man and told her about it, when I first told her she was mad because she didnt think that I love her was how she put it. I brought the subject up a few times after that and she would sometimes show some interest and others she would shun the whole idea.

After we had been married for about 9yrs we were having some trouble and she was spending some time at a friends house. The friend also had this black male friend Kenny, that Donna would confide in and talk to him about things on her mind. He was a short guy and not real attractive so I thought nothing of it until one nite she was supposed to meet me at our house after I got off work about midnight. She wasnt there so I drove on up to her friends house, only a few lights were on so I started to knock on the door before I caught a view of Donna and Kenny…they were facing each other and Kenny had his hand up her shirt playing with her tits. Donna is an attractive woman slim with small tits and nice nipples.
Exwife Sex Story

I was somewhat shocked to see this, so I walked around the house to get a better view to see if what I thought I was seeing was right. When I got to the side of the house with a window close to where they were standing I could definitely see his hand up her shirt massaging her tits while they were talking and laughing, drinking beer. They both seemed to enjoy what was going on with each other seemingly oblivious as to where I was or what I was doing. I was feeling very mixed between shock, anger, and somewhat turned on by watching what was going on. Kenny wasnt exactly the stud I had in mind to see her with but nonetheless I was standing there watching the whole thing. I watched them hug a couple times and eventually working up to kissing and more heavy petting, I wanted to see how far she would go. It took a few minutes and I was surprised when she got down to her knees facing his crotch and undid his pants. To my amazement, when she pulled his pants and underwear down and his black cock fell out that it was so huge it hit her in the face. She looked up and laughed at him when it hit her before she went to work on it. Of all the women that I have gotten head from, Donna was the best and she really love to suck cock so I know he was enjoying it. I was surprised to see how big his cock was being he wasnt a very big black guy, it was way out of proportion to the rest of him and was bigger than me. I know how Donna loved big cocks when she would tell me about former lovers she had that were well endowed and how she loved it. I was watching Kenny enjoy it holding her head in his hands rolling his head back and her taking in as much in her mouth as she could holding his balls in the cup of her hand. They went at this for several minutes until I could tell he was close to cumming, thinking to myself that he would pull out or they would start something else, she continued to suck his huge cock until he came in her mouth. I could tell when he came because he pulled her head closer to him and started jerking uncontrollably. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw this, I was somewhat surprise at how turned on by this too…my cock was rock hard.
Exwife Sex Story
After he was done, she stood up and they hugged and kissed again, I couldnt quite make out what they were saying, but I could tell by how they acted toward each other that they were both very excited aboout what had taken place. They stood there for a little while hugging and petting some, then Kenny began to undo Donna’s pants and rubbing her pussy, I could tell by how she reacted to this that she was getting really hot and it wouldnt take long until they were back at it again…I was right, she dropped down to her knees again and got him good and hard and turned around with her back to him, bent over the arm of the couch while he stuck his huge black member inside her. It seemed to take forever for him to get the whole thing in, I could hear her heavy breathing clear outside the house. He started stroking slowly and working up speed until he was pounding on her hard, he grabbed a handful of hair and was fucking the shit out of her. She was breathing heavy and telling him to fuck her harder, which he did. I couldnt believe what I was seeing, excited and ashamed I felt watching how all this unfolded in front of me. They went at this for about 30 minutes, she came 3 or 4 times until he was ready to cum again. I thought once again that he would pull out and cum on her back or something being that she wasnt on the pill, he came right inside her by her begging him to fill her up with his seed. She was grinding away at him screaming to fill her up with his cock and cum.
Exwife Sex Story
They laid there for a few minutes and apparently realized what time it was, I seen this and thought that I had better take off before they knew that I had watched the whole thing. I snuck out to my car and drove back out to the house. She showed up a few minutes later looking sort of hagged out, said she was tired. I couldnt get the images from my mind as we laid in bed that night, I snuggled up close to her and asked her if she was horney. She told me that she was really tired and not really in the mood, I still made some advances toward her and told her that I really needed to be with her. She eventually gave in and gave me some head, that was all it took for me, I came almost immediately. I was kinda disappointed because I wanted to get inside her wet pussy, but I didnt that night. It took a few months before I told her what I had witnessed, she knew and staged the whole thing…so she said.

She said that she staged the whole thing and now Im not sure whether she did or not, but it seemed that before that she expected me to keep her boundaries. I think now that the reason that she got upset at my desire to see her with another man is that she was afraid once she got started that her desires would overwhelm her, which soon proved to be true.

From the time of my seeing her with Kenny I would ask her about how she enjoyed fucking him while we were making love. I would fuck her from behind and asked her if he really turned her on and how much she loved to have his huge cock in her. She told me that his cock satified her much more than mine and she loved to suck it until he came inside her mouth. I felt really wierd about this, I felt somewhat inadequate and really turned on at the same time. I hadnt even heard of what a cuckold was, but I was quickly finding that I enjoyed what she was telling me. She would also talk about this big black guy Tom, at the place she worked at and how he would make passes at her and became very playful with her. I never thought too much about it, she always had guys making passes and flirting with her and she enjoyed the attention. One day while she was at work her car wouldnt start so he offered her a ride home, she told me about it that eve and I really didnt give it much thought until I seen a couple things out of place in the bedroom and the covers were messed up. I also noticed that she had a small hickey on her neck that I hadnt placed. Later that nite I confronted her with it and asked her if she had fooled around with him, at first she denied it but I could tell she was lying. Finally she broke down and told me that it was my fault for telling her that I wanted her to see other men. I told her that it was ok as long as she was honest about it.

Later that nite, after thinking about it…I couldnt get the images of her and Tom going at it in our bed, I was getting really turned on by it. By the time I got to bed I was rock hard and needing some relief. I started rubbing her back and kissing her neck, letting her know that I was in the mood. She said that she was really sore but would give me head to relieve my pressure. I was surprised because I couldnt recall her ever being “too sore” for sex, she had a really high sex drive. I placed my hand on her leg inner thigh and ran it up to her wet pussy and began to rub it gently, I asked her if he was really hard on her and wore it out. She told me that they went at it for several hours, my heart was pounding with excitement and my cock was so hard it was throbbing. I asked her if his cock was really big and she said it was the biggest she ever had seen. She went on to describe the experience, I took her hand and placed it on my hot throbbing cock. She began stroking me and telling me how when he brought her home and she invited him in for something to drink and to thank him for the ride home. There they were at the house all by theirselves, the kids wouldnt be home for a couple hours and me an hour after that. Donna then told me that they had a couple of drinks when a good song came on the radio she began to dance to it and he followed suit. She said he was much larger than she thought when he held her close and she got caught up in the moment, they began to kiss and things went from there. I asked her how things started in the bedroom and she told me that they walked into the room while she began to undress herself and sat on the bed. He then stood in front of her with only his pants on, she said his stomach was nice and flat and how he towered over her head. Donna then said that she couldnt resist to see just how big he was inside his pants, she then unzipped it and stroked it a few times before placing it in her mouth. She said that he was very commanding in the bedroom, that he took charge and told her what he wanted. She said that really turned her on and made her only want more, that she didnt know if she would be able to take all of him in and how thick and long that he was.

This was about all it took, I came in her hand while she stroked me. I asked her if she planned on seeing him again and if I could watch or take part in their next meeting. Donna said she would let me know and we went to sleep.

Several days past since Donna’s encounter with Tom and the whole time I couldnt get it out of my mind seeing her and him together. I had only seen him a couple of times when I would meet her at work and such, he was very friendly to me and polite. I remember her referring to him as Mandingo because of his size and such, I thought that he was a very large guy and muscular. Donna would tell me about her past lovers cocks with passion, but nothing like she talked about Tom’s…for her to say it was the biggest she ever saw was saying something.

She eventually brought up the subject again about seeing him. She said that she didnt want me involved but I could watch from outside the window. So we arrainged a babysitter for the kids and she told Tom that I was out of town for the evening. He came by just as it was getting dark I seen him pull in the drive and snuck up close to the house. Good thing it was warm out and the windows in the house were open so that I could hear their conversation. She had changed into a nice low cut shirt and wore a short tight skirt, she looked very hot. I was somewhat jealous because I hadnt seen her dressed that nice in a while. She wasnt wearing a bra either, her b cup tits with the nipples sticking out made for a nice view. I just knew that she hadnt worn any underwear either to give him easy access.

She met him at the door and gave him a big hug…he looked mammoth standing in front of her. I bet he had to be 6’4″ and 250lbs, he stood a good foot above her. They then walked into the living room her leading him by the hand like a little shy school girl, she was almost dancing around him with excitement. Donna offered him a drink and they sat on the couch with her practically in his lap, I was almost disgusted by they way she was acting but I was too excited to be too upset. I was totally awestruck at the sight of how she acted around him, like a bitch in heat…I dont know if I ever saw her like that at any time in our relationship.

They sat there on the couch for a while talking and such until she obviously couldnt stand it any longer and sat up and kissed him deeply…seemed to last for an hour as she then brought her hand down to his crotch and started massaging his cock, I could then see her bend to his ear and whisper something and he shook his head. I then knew what she said to him as she kneeled down in front of him and started undoing his pants. Donna pulled his pants down to his ankles and started licking his cock from the base to the tip slowly taking the tip into her mouth teasingly and then going back down. I postured myself to get a better look and almost busted my ass, I was shaking with excitement, I then moved around to where I was right behind where they were sitting trying not to let them know I was there.

I got a good look at what she was saying about his cock, it was enormous! Only on pornos have I ever seen anything like that, it totally dwarfed mine by comparison. She was so excited that I am sure she was oblivious to my very existence let alone my presence there. She had a look on her face like she was in a trance taken in by the big black cock she was feeding on like it was her last feast. She loved to suck cock and worshiped this one, she stayed with it while he sat back and enjoyed every second of it. He shaved the whole area and she was licking on his balls like a professional, finally after about 15 minutes I am guessing she stuck the head of it in her mouth sliding on it a few times and I could hear Tom say he was about to cum, without any hesitation she sucked on it with all she was worth until he had her by the back of the head forcing it in her mouth, I was thinking she would surely gag but she didnt. She stayed there letting him facefuck her until he collapsed.

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