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Filled on both ends by BBC

I have been turned into a bbc slut. This was a party of me with 5 BBCs. I felt like i always had two HUGE cocks in me at all times. I was so caught up in the thrill of beingi used that i didnt notice the camera. They took pictures and put them up all over the internet. My only hope is that my sons dont see what their mother has become – a totall BBC slut. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfilled on both ends by bbc

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5 thoughts on “Filled on both ends by BBC

  1. and what a thrill it is,I know the feeling of being sexually used by many black men all of them eager and horny to fuck all my white hole’s,black hard cocks,one after another shooting their thick hot cum in cunt,ass,mouth,nothing can compare with this fantastic feeling off being a 100% TOTALL BBC slut,whore,sexslave whatever you call it.
    don’t be worried your sons find out,it will problely make them super horny finding out their sexy mother is a slut and availeble for gangbangs,they I am sure can’t wait to fuck you also.

  2. Honey, if your sons see you in action, they should be proud of you. And if they rag on you, remember that kids often talk against their parents as part of their growing-up rebelliousness. So if they praise you, accept it with love. If they condemn you, disregard it. The important thing for you is to keep enjoying yourself as the BBC slut you’ve become. Be true to yourself!

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