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First Post

This is my first post. My current boyfriend (the only white love I’ve ever had) gets so turned on when I tell him about my past lovers. He has convinced me to watch interracial porn with him and he even fucks me with a hollowed black cock dildo. He just can’t compare to what I am used to and what I love. Big Black Cock!! I think I’m ready to go back to black.First PostFirst PostFirst PostFirst Post

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7 thoughts on “First Post

  1. With that type of ass you have Hun, u definitely need a black dick up in ya! Where are you located & how can ppl get in touch with u? Look me up n contact me in the forum/members are: CumGetBBC
    28 m NY

  2. You can’t no longer leave your wife or gf’s ass with that pathetic lil dick. Please give her something larger, thicker, longer… something black. I think you’re a criminal…

  3. Look, baby. You’ve had black men before. And you miss that BBC. And your white bf is turned on by thinking of them fucking you. So go ahead and resume. But now, don’t ever stop. Because you know that you can love a white guy and still be a first-class lay for black men, too,for the rest of your life. Enjoy it! It’s in your bones!

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