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Friday night fun at the local hotel

Great pictures! White sheets, White legs spread wide, Black Skin, Black Cock into white temple gates. The Man knows how to get this lady excited: Delay the full entry. I bet he touched places inside her that rarely get the attention they need. Looks like he has a good cock to give his lady a full G-Spot orgasm!friday-night-fun-at-the-local-hotel-2friday-night-fun-at-the-local-hotel-1friday-night-fun-at-the-local-hotel-5friday-night-fun-at-the-local-hotel-4friday-night-fun-at-the-local-hotel-3

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16 thoughts on “Friday night fun at the local hotel

  1. Stunning woman, fantastic ass. To whomever her man/husband/owner is, treat her good so that you can keep enjoying that stretched out pussy. She’s absolute stunner, as far as I’m concerned. Would love to love that and train her ass, at

  2. He fucked her so hard after she sucked him the bed was slamming into the wall and the couple next door woke up and got excited too….sex is catching you know

  3. My wife absolutely loves this set. She said the one where the sexy white slut is being held down with her arm behind her back is the best because it shows that the black bull is completely in charge and owns her white pussy!

  4. my wife could use a stud like that. haven’t touched her in two years. i don’t think she could resist if she had a few drinks and were up close.

  5. I want my wife to be fucked by a bbc , i have mentioned it to her but her reply was iam not realy into black men. I told her that most black men would love to screw a white wifes pussey. Heres hoping.

  6. She is fantastic! The picture of her takeing it while he holds her up against the wall brings back the memory of my wife takeing on my buddy Gary. It was only the second time she’d ever been fucked . He had a full , real ten inches , and was TRYING to gut her with his cock , and make sure she’d never feel me. He held her there , pinned against the wall and rammed up into her until she passed out. When he finaly finished with her , he dropped her to the floor , his cum and her blood oozing from deep in her belly. He said I could have her , but never satisfy her now. Well I married her and he was right. She takes two in the cunt at the same time , and I love it.

  7. fantastic, she gotta be italien,i would swear this is my wife,same size body, same looks asfar i can see,reminds me of our wedding night only mine wash still wearing her weddinggown,the way this guy,hold her arms,pushes her head down,forces his big cock in her cunt,let her know that she maybe is another mans wife but that she is his fuckwhore to be used and abused in all her whorehole,s he like,s,any wife would love to belong to a bull like this,my wife said,look that huge black cock in pic3ravaging her small asshole,nothing gets better,a real wife made to be fuckt,24\7love you STREGA

  8. Take the rubber off and fill this Italian beauty with your hot cum. She will bear you a beautiful black ch ild.

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