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Funny and tiny white dick

Just take a look at these two cocks and everything about cuckolding will be clear for you. Whoever would want to fuck these tiny white guys when any white girl can just pick up some black prick like this? It really looks like it is at least 100 times bigger!Funny and tiny white dickBlack BULLBlack BULLBlack BULL

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12 thoughts on “Funny and tiny white dick

  1. This is the reason why our white wives and girl friends turn to blackmen for satisfaction in sex. We wimpy white bois, can only accept we are not fit to fuck white women, and this should be made known that white men dont fuck white women, its the sole right of the blackman.

  2. Those photos say it all.
    This is why white guys like me can’t get laid.
    I can understand why white women never to back
    to little whitey once they’ve experienced BBC –
    who can blame them!

    1. IAM a white guy in the military it’s true the black guys dicks are twice the size of ours as proved in the showers

  3. i agree with little white guy , and ref the first pic thats why my wife likes it black only. white uk couple here to chat anytime

  4. I can imagine my husband trying to fuck me with a little cock like that and then a black man with a huge thick cock like that climbs through our bedroom and fucks me senseless.

  5. Y’all dudes are rediculos or should I say dick less or maybe just need a pair of nuttz ! You got to have some confidence. Yes that Lil 1/2 inch wee wee pic at top of page makes us all look bad but I”m white as can be and keep a damn mule in pants so sorry bout y’all’s luck cause my girls all get off and a lot of them are squiters most people i talk to has never even seen a female squirt. No bs I have them squirting across the room . I’m 5’7″ I weigh 175 LBs just a normal dude so why do I hear y’all talking about just handing over our women? I bang black girls too and get no complaints. So what’s the problem here I’d like to hear some input.

  6. The first pic says it all about most of us white boys and now the word is getting out to more and more white girls about the raw power that comes with having sex with a Black Man. Right now there are more white girls that have had some Black Dick than at any time before and more added daily. It is fast becoming a badge of honor, of sorts, for a white girl to be fucked by a Black Man and they are going into a competition with each other to be the first of the group to do it.

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