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Girlfriend goes black

My girlfriend had always had a thing for black guys,we got chatting to one guy on a swingers website after a while chatting we arranged a meet, we booked a hotel room in vegas & met up with the guy there [media id=942 width=590 height=443]

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3 thoughts on “Girlfriend goes black

  1. It seems like most every white girl has a “thing” for black guys, whether she’s aware of it or not. My own GF was just coasting along till one day a 52-yr old black guy propositioned her. He struck some kind of responsive chord inside her head, and his huge cock drove home the realization that she was meant to be a sex whore. (Well, she was also reading stuff by Emmanuelle Arsan and Annie Sprinkle at the time, so I suppose his seed fell on prepared ground.) But it wasn’t only cock. He hooked her up to eating black pussy, too. Beth’s favorite sex position became being fucked by a bull from behind while a sistah’s legs were clamped around her head.

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