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8 thoughts on “Gorgeous white lady is screwed

  1. Another arrogant white girl put in her place as no white dude could ever do but with the power of the black man and his impressive cock she’ll be transformed into a white girl who knows her place and will only have sex with black men.

  2. My beautiful long legged 5′ 7″ wife would arouse these studs. We have been together for quite a while.
    Black men have been hitting on her for years. When she was 19 and working at her fathers store an older black man offered her $100 to go home with him and do some work. She refused. Or so she says.
    But she really is a sweet old fashion woman who would not cheat on me. But maybe just once I could go for seeing her get ravaged by ‘Mandingo’. Probably will not happen. Who knows…….

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