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Happy white couple with black master

The only thing that this pathetic bold white guy is allowed to do while his wife is penetrated by huge black dick is to stimulate her clit and hold her. Horny lady went black only and now her pussy fully belongs to hot black studs!Happy white couple with black masterHappy white couple with black master

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10 thoughts on “Happy white couple with black master

  1. he has made her nice & wet – now it is time for that black cock to fuck the daylights out of her & cum in her cunt

  2. Isn’t this what all us white men want? To see our white wives given a good proper seeing to by a big black cock and filled with baby batter. I know I do.

  3. my wife she has black lover and i get see her when she bring home each weekend i love it see her how he fuck her hard

  4. Cuck Boy there is only allowed to touch that pussy with his fingers and his tongue and that is only allowed to prep it up nice a creamy for the black mans dick and then clean it up when he is done with it.

  5. A white couple the domestic slaves of a black master. She, her master’s sex slave to breed black. He, his their servant and financial slave. What more could she want?

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