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Her black trainer

Wife hasnt went through with it yet but she and her black muscular trainer have been very flirty and she teases me about how large his package is. I have gotten her to fantasy about him during our love making. She loves the thought of a large cock, since Im very small. Have many women started this way?her black trainer

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14 thoughts on “Her black trainer

  1. I’d Love to be there, when she Taste her 1st Real Man, obviously that Sweet Wet Fertile Pussy, will experience a Whole New Cherri popping. Honestly hope for Pregnancy.

  2. If this guys cock is as big as the rest of him, then this poor girl is in for a real good time. Look how small she is next to him!
    I’d like to be her husband so I could here all the details afterward. Please, share some pictures! I see more and more black guy, white girl couples, and I love it!

  3. I’m a fitness instructor myself from a national gym chain, and have seen many situations like this. Working out together often brings men and women closer…and where there’s smoke there’s fire. A number of my black lovers are from gyms I teach at around home.


  4. My mom goes to a gym and she has a personal trainer whos black, i can only imagine a similar image to this one, she looks a little bit like that blonde slut aswell, she has also been going to the gym a lot more since she had this trainer helping

  5. she is one hot slutty wife and has so fucked this black man, at least every time she goes to the gym. and moms-a-slut, she is so getting some of his black dick aswell, its obvious, mommys working up a different sweat

  6. The only regret,,was waiting..The BEST Time,,while your OVULATING,,Believe me she won’t hold anything back,,Expect the Best,,She Needs Superior BLACK SEED NOW.

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