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23 thoughts on “Hope to see my sister go black….

  1. Nothing wrong with that man. If your sister is game, then I say go for it. But if she doesn’t know about this, then you had better work on that first. If you need advice on how to hook up with your sis then try going to You’ll find people who can give you advice on seducing her and then you can work on getting her into BBC.

  2. Yes; she is cute as hell. I would love the be the BBC she starts with. I see nothing wrong with it if she is good with it.

  3. It’s my dream to man im a future cuckold myself. My oldest sister just got blacked and my youngest has dated nothing but black men. im very pround. More and more white boys are find where they belong and the feet of the black man eating his cum from his wifes pU$$y

    1. You feel that a white man should be grovelling at a black mans feet while he fucks the white mans wife? Dude you are fucking retarded. You have serious issues. I will never be willing to bow down to any body. the only men that would are the pussy ass little lady men that need to have their balls cut off and fed to them. You are a fucking disgrace you pansy ass bitch of a man.

  4. I am a black and i would fuck your sister as if she is a prostitute. she would be crying by the girth of my dick. I would love if you also join your sister in sucking my cock

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