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6 thoughts on “Hot Blond Gf fucks black dick

  1. the guy in the apartment above yours is very noisy ….your wife has been nagging you to go talk to him about it…you hate confrontation and have never had a fight in your life….you have seen him in the parking lot looking at your wife and smiling….it sounds like he is working out and banging on the floor above your head…she calls you a pussy but to prove her wrong you go talk to the guy….he answers and it wet with sweat his upper body muscular uncovered and dripping…you voice your complaint and he tells you to screw off…you return to your wife with your tail between your legs…she laughs at you….the next day while you are at work your pretty wife just walks in the door form the pool and your neighbor has the music so loud she goes up in her bikini …she is surprised when she is greeted by a smile and a muscular body dripping from working out…he says that must be your hubby that was up here…that lil pussy of a Man…he grabs her by the wrist and pulls her in knowing exactly what she needs… a real MAN….she is so ignored by hubby she gives herself up bareback to this stranger not caring she is fertile only following her natural hunger for a Alpha Male ….a man she can not say no to…and so begins her new life…that of a owned white wife….breeding stock for this dominant Man….

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