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8 thoughts on “Hot Bride Interracial Cuckolding Before Ceremony

  1. This is the way all white marriages should begin – and
    continue if the wife is to be happy in her marriage to her
    little white hubby!
    This white marriage is definately off to a very good start.

  2. On our wedding night I gave my wife (bride) to a Black friend of mine. He used her all night and into the morning. her pussy was sore on our honeymoon. When we got home the first thing she wanted was my Black friends cock and I called him. He was here in a short while and now all she wants is Black cock

  3. Look! Technically, she’s not committing adultery. Because she hasn’t gone through the marriage ceremony YET. So even if her BBC men are making her pregnant, it’s still good from an official point of view. But the erotic momentum of BBC thrill is likely to spill over into her newlywed period and beyond. So if she’s wise, she’s got a pre-nup agreement with her husband-to-be that he’s fine her fucking other guys after her wows. White husbands can get touchy about this shit. Some will be cool with letting black men make whores out of their wives. Others will get anxious and possessive. It’s better for the fiancee to get an understanding in writing beforehand. (There’s a book out there about devising an extra-marital sex contract. I recommend it.) That way, if he gives her any problems, she can take him to a marriage counselor or lawyer to tell him he agreed to all her BBC stuff. Consider it another form of “protected sex.”

  4. I’m not the least bit surprised, it’s a white woman’s place to bow to black men and provide them sex anytime anywhere and their white husbands/boyfriends should always be understanding of a white lady’s duty and be supportive and fully understanding.

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