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12 thoughts on “Hot wife

  1. hey mac, does your hot wife prefer her guy to only ne deep dark, ebony toned, muscular and of course hung for the real “black” experience and the stark, erotic contrast? if she does have her post me

  2. Mac very lovely wife sexy !!!! I dont know if you like to watch or not but if so I would start with some long four play sucking her sweet breast teasing her nipples and her watch my cock grow in my pants seeing the full out line. That should get her excited wanting to view my large black cock . Let her unzip and slide my pants down to set it free. You watching her small hand wrap around my hard long black cock making her wetter and so horny. See me slide her panties down and lick her lush sweet lips and clit making her so wet and ready . See my BBC open her tight wet vagina and hre slick cum coating my BBC as I slide it deep in her beging her to cum all over it and see it fill her open lips and hole with cum.

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