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My wife hasn’t even had a black guy yet

I’m “new” to the lifestyle..actually my wife hasn’t even had a black guy YET…but I was just wondering if some/most/any black masters allow us wimp hubby’s to join in on the wife’s? Personally, I just want her ass (which she’s always been reluctant to give up). My rational is that this HUGE stud is going to be filling her pussy and driving her wild…why can I stick this little thing up her ass at the same time…she;ll hardly know i’m there! Do your wives boyfriends let you touch/lick/fuck her while he’s ripping her apart, or do you only get clean up duty?

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11 thoughts on “My wife hasn’t even had a black guy yet

  1. No, you can’t. Your wife must submit herself completely to her black master. His sexual needs are of much greater importance than yours. And what do you mean by ‘clean up duty’? It’s your wife’s duty, as a white female, to be impregnated by his powerful seed.

  2. Man, you talking about double peneration while we’re screwing in the bed? Don’t you think it might kinda crowded in the backfield? My experiences with a threesome is to take turns with the wife screwing her in different positions, etc. If you want your wife to be taken, da Black Master will show you the way. Write me at

  3. lol ok.. your a really sexy girl you kno your man is hella lucky cause if you were mine we would have hella fun all the time lol our sex life wouldnt be boring lol and so you know im not just sex i could be a good bf to lol..

  4. Hi my Angel my name is john you have a sexy body l would love to give you my oversized 26cm dick you will love it plz drop me a mail

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