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How I be came a master – interracial sex story

First let me say, I’m a black male 5’11” tall and 240lbs not fat, solid. This is my story of how I became the master in a cuckold relationship. It is a very long story, I hope you enjoy.

I was on the road staying at a pretty nice hotel. This business trip was a very hard one. The job that looked as if it would only take a day or two ended up taking two weeks. Well, anyway. At the end of the first week, I decided to go out and have a few drinks. Just to come down of the long week. I decided to go to a movie and then to the hotel bar to have a few drinks. After the movie I went to the bar and sat in a booth and ordered beer and wings. After awhile there I noticed that a beautiful redhead sitting at the bar kept looking in my direction. I did not think anything of it. I was the only black man in the bar, so I was expecting a few looks. It is not like I have not been in this situation before. Staying at these types of hotels, people normally think I’m in the music business or play some sort of sport. I don’t blame them, the place cost way to much, but the client pays for it so what the heck. But there was something about the way the lady at the bar was looking at me. It was not a inquisitive look. It was more of a look of interest. I have never been a shy one. So I motioned for her to come over. She got up from her barstool and walked over to my booth. She was about 5’5″ and I would say about 120lbs. She was wearing a red dress that hugged her curves. She sat down and introduced herself. Tammy. I started to pour on the compliments. I ordered her a drink and we started to talk. I noticed that she was wearing a wedding cluster. The stone on it was damn near the size of the diamond that Michael Jordan wears in his ear. I asked if she was married. She replied, “Something like that”. The bar had a dance floor. I don’t remember when the music started, because I was deeply involved in the conversation with Tammy. She asked if I danced. Hell yeah. We made our way to the dance floor. She really knew how to move that body of hers. She turned her back to me as we danced and moved closer to my body. I put my hands on her hips and we began to move as one along with the music. My dick started to get rock hard. I knew she could feel it as she pressed her body harder to mine. I really did not give a fuck if she could feel it. I know I have a decent sized dick. She reached around and put her hands on my hip and started to pull me tighter into her. We danced like this for a few more minutes. A slow song started to play and she turned around and damn near jumped into my arms. As we danced she whispered in my ear that she thinks my friend in my pants liked her.

I told her he sure did and she needed to watch out. He can be dangerous. To that she replied that she loves living dangerously. We traded comments like that for a min. Finally I said. You know what. “Fuck all this cat and mouse shit. I have a room upstairs. If you want a taste, come on up”. That’s when she let me in on what has been going on. She pointed out a guy at the bar and told me that he was her husband. And that he has been here all along. I have to admit I was a little shocked by what she said. My instinct was to prepare to kick some ass. Cause there was no way in my mind this
dude was going to be cool about a big black man like me dry humping his wife on the dance floor. She continued to talk. She told me that he let her do whatever she wanted. I still was not ready to let my guard down. Well that shit changed when she whispered in my ear that she wanted to leave with me, and wanted me to fuck her brains out. What the hell, I figured. She is fine as hell and I have not fucked a white woman since college. I asked if she wanted to leave together. She said “Yes, but first I want you to tell my husband what your intentions are.” Ok, I figured that if this dude is going to start some shit. I might as well have a fun story to tell my boys. Also, daddy always said, “If your going to get kicked out of somewhere, Get kicked out in Style. Tammy and I walk over to her husband. She is on my arm. I sit down next to him at the bar. And asked him his name, then I said, “Look here, I’m going to take your wife upstairs and fuck her brains out. I don’t want to sleep with her, so I’ll send her back when I’m done. Just nod your head if you got that. Shake your head if you want to start some shit. In that case we can go outside. I can kick your ass, and still fuck your wife.” I have to admit. It was the first time I have ever done something like that. He looked up at me and nodded his head. I guess what just went down really turned her on. She was gripping my arm tighter and tighter with every word. Tammy and I walked out of the bar. I looked back just to make sure he was not trying to sneak me. And he was sitting at the bar with his head down. Tammy and I got on the elevator and she turned to me and started to kiss me deeply. She was saying that she has never witnessed anyone handle her husband in that way. That they normally leave the bar together and that he only has let her dance and make out with guys. Never leave with them alone. Right about then I did not give a fuck about him. I was hard as a rock and ready to fuck. We got to my room. I must have broken a record. I got my clothes off fast and shit. She was equally as fast with her dress. Before I could say a word, she was on her knees giving me a royal blow job. It was the best blow job I have ever received. I’m 8 inches and thick. She was wrapping her mouth around my dick and taking it all in, deep. I had to sit down. I got on to the bed and she climbed on and continued to suck my dick. She was slurping, moaning and telling me how good my dick tasted. I asked if it tasted as good as her husbands. She said “It taste better.” And that he only has a 5 inch dick. And that he has never made her cum. I told her, she would not have that problem tonight. I don’t cum from oral, it just makes my dick harder and me last longer. So all her sucking was just making her jaws tired and gearing me up to fuck her good. I told her to stop sucking and climb on my dick. Before her pussy came close to touching my dick, I felt drops of her pussy juice hit my dick. She was wet and ready. She lowered herself onto my dick. Just the tip and then I felt how tight she was. She let out a small sigh at first. I felt pressure on my dick as I began to stretch her pussy open. It seemed as if it was not going to fit. Then she took a deep breath and let her body weight force my swollen dick into her. She exhaled a loud moan as my dick hit the back of her pussy. She started to quiver and grind her hips. I was shocked to hear her say she was cumming.

I told her hell, we are just getting started. She came and I could feel her cum dripping down my balls. Once she calmed down a bit. She started to ride my dick. She moved up and down my dick, almost taking it completely out of her and then driving it deep inside her. Tammy then gave me the all clear to talk as dirty as I wanted. She said “Make me your slut. I want to be your slut”. With that I told her to stop fuck and around and ride my dick harder. Tammy began to drive herself harder on to my dick. I was meeting her ever mover with a thrust of my own. “Your husband little dick will not touch the walls of your pussy in the morning” I said. Then I told her to get off my dick and get onto her knees. I got behind her and lined up my dick with her already dripping wet pussy lips and then slammed
it into her. She let out a scream, and begged me to do it harder. I did it again and again. I started a nice pace. Stroking her pussy as hard I could for the next 20 minutes. Then I flipped her over on her
back and got on top of her and slid my dick in to her nice and slow. I kissed her deeply. Tammy, was out of breath from me slamming my dick into her from behind. I slowed my pace while on top. Caressed her hair, and told her how beautiful she was and how lucking I was to be fucking her. With each stroke I press deeper and deeper into her. She came again, in fact that was the 5th time she came. She began to moan louder and said that she could feel my dick getting bigger, stretching her pussy. Tammy said she could feel me about to cum and that she wanted my cum deep inside her.

It must have been those words that sent me over the top. Because I could not hold back any more, I had to let go. I started to fuck her harder and moan louder. Tammy’s hips bucked wildly to meet my every thrust. She screamed that she was cumming. I let out a loud moan as I shot my cum deep inside of her. She was cumming also, shaking and quivering. She screamed that she could feel my hot cum inside her filling her up. My arms went weak, and I lowered myself to the side of her. Pulling out of her cum filled pussy, my dick made a loud wet sound as I pulled out. I laid back and she sat up and quickly started to clean my dick up with her mouth, sucking the rest of my cum from my dick and cleaning my balls with her tongue. It was a great session. After she was finished and she curled up in my arms and fell asleep. I passed out shortly after. We napped for about two hours, then she woke me up with a blow job and I fucked her harder and longer the 2nd time.

The next morning we woke up. I asked if she was going to be in trouble with her husband. She said she did not know, and really did not care. We fucked again and I filled her pussy with my cum again. I got up and took a shower, asked she wanted to join me, she declined. When I got dressed she asked if I would walk her to her room just in case he did start something. I walked her to her room. Knocked on the door, and he answered the door. He was red in the face. It also looked like he was crying. I told him that I was bring his wife back. He looked me in the eye and called me a slimy motherfucker. With that I cocked back and pouched him in the eye. He fell into the room. We walked in and she closed the door behind us. I looked down at him. And told him to get up and sit down in the chair. I think he could feel from the punch that he did not want to go toe to toe with me. I asked him was I not clear when I told him I would be fucking his wife. He, said yes I was clear. It was just that I told him that I would not sleep with her and I would return her. I apologized. He was right I did say that. Then I told him the pussy was too good to let her go. While I was talking to him, Tammy had climbed on the bed and lifted her dress to display her well fucked cum filled pussy. Then she shocked the hell out of me. She told him that I was the one she wanted. And to do his job and come and taste the cum of the man that will be fucking her for now on. With that he got up and walked over to her and began to lick and suck her pussy. I did not know what to do. It made me a little sick to see him suck my cum from his wife. But at the same time I was turned on by the power she had over him. He was a mess. His cheek was turning dark from the punch I laid on him. And he was looking sad because his wife chose me. She slapped him on the top of the head and told him to stop, he was enjoying himself to much. Then she told him that she will be spending the day with me and we will call if we need something. With that she got up and gathered some clothes and we left to back to my room. Where we ordered room service and fucked all day.

Tammy and her husband were going to leave on Monday. But Tammy demanded to stay behind until I left the week after. Her husband flew back to where they were from and she stayed with me. We fucked and had fun going out the entire week. She explained to me that she was a well off woman. And they she is married to him because of their families. But she needed me now. I made her feel like a woman. We decided that when we got back home. I would fly to where they lived and we would let her husband know that we will continue to see each other and that he will be only allowed clean her pussy. He objected at first. But, I asked him outside and if he could kick my ass I would go away and leave his wife alone. He could not kick my ass. Tammy, lords over him when I’m not in town. And when I’m in town, I lord over him. And, he loves it. We, go to games together and also go out and shoot pool. He knows the pecking order of the house now, so all is well. That is my story of how I became the master of a Cuckold relationship. Things just happen I guess. Life is good.

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7 thoughts on “How I be came a master – interracial sex story

  1. Congratulations. You’re the Man!
    It’s great the way so many black men (real men such as yourself)
    are able to take control of situations. Especially I admire the way
    you can contol white women and at the same time put her white
    hubby in his place to the point where he knows he has no choice
    but to accept – and even learn to like it – the situation! Something
    ordinary white guys (like me) have never been able to do.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. Perhaps you can post a few photos
    of your sex toy. You have the envy of me and many other white guys.
    Thanks for giving white women what they want and keep taking what
    you, and all black men, are entitled to.

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