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Hubby sits home while wife plays

Well here i sit, at home, alone, on a friday night, with my little dick in my hand. My wife went out today and got herself a manacure, a peticure, tanned, and bought herself a new outfit. A few hours ago she put on a microminiskirt with no panties, a white blouse with no bra, a pair of black 6″ platform heels, and an anlke bracelet with a charm that says “i love black cock”.white wife plays She said to me “don’t wait up for me little dick, i may be out all night.” She had me kneel down in front of her and kiss her freshly peticured, pretty feet. Then her silky soft legs, from her ankles to the top of her thighs. She made me read the charm on her ankle bracelet out loud, then made me repeat it a few times: “i love black cock, i love black cock”. Then she asked me if i knew why she loves black cock. I said “because they are bigger, thicker, harder, and provide with you with far more pleasure than my sad little pecker?” “Very good” she said, “but you forgot that they taste so much better when i suck them, they fuck me so much better than you or any white guy ever has, i love how their thick cocks stretch my pussy and make it feel so full, and i especialy love how they are such heavy cummers!” “Unlike your little peepee and the few drops that you call an orgasm, they can actualy fill my pussy full of hot, thick, cum!” Then she lifted her little miniskirt exposing her freshly shaved, hot wet pussy and told me to lick her. After about 20 seconds seconds she said “ok, thats enough for you.” As she walked to the door to leave for her night out, she paused at the door and said “now if you are a good boy tonight, don’t get in any trouble, don’t play with your little weewee, and you get all of the laundry done, i’ll let you jerk yourself off while you suck my pussy clean in the morning.” Then she blew me a kiss and left. So here i am on the internet, looking at pictures of massive black cocks totaly satisfying hot white women, imagining what my wife is doing, and beating my dick like it lied to me!

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5 thoughts on “Hubby sits home while wife plays

  1. great story little dick, glad to hear how you and your sexy wife make such a good effort of getting both you and her ready for her dates with those big black cock studs. If possible next time please upload a few more pics of your wife just after being fucked hard by those bulls and hopefully some nice creampies from those heavy cummers. Finally, next time can you tell everyone on how good her snatch tastes when she lets you suck out her pussy.

  2. Your wife sounds such a hot little slut, i bet them bulls give her a real good hard fucking and i bet she loves it, the ankle braclet message means more than your marriage

  3. My wife was devoted to mostly black men I have watched her making out with many a black man on a couch then head to the bedroom to get the real business done properly.

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