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29 thoughts on “Hugest Dicks ever part 4

  1. My wife loves the 3rd picture, and would love to be bred by him.
    Also the picture of black cum that the master has wanked up. Master please dont waste the seed. Find a white cum slut, (male or female), who would just love to eat that load for you.

  2. I remember the first time I saw a black dick, I was living in cape town walking home one day and a huge black man opened up his coat in front if me and he was completely naked underneath. I remember just stating at his HUGE veiny smooth black dick it was atleast 9 inches. I was shocked at first and ran away but ever since that day I wished he forced me to suck his cock or fucked me I think about it more and more these days. I’m now in my early 40s and living in Edmonton where there seems to be a major shortage of black dicks. Ive married white think about black dicks like these everyday. Thank god for this website 🙂

  3. White women crave and deserve to have the biggest black cock they can find. Black men have them so let them enjoy them. A year ago i saw the very first black guy whos cock was over 11 inches long. To this day i still think about it and how my cock is maybe four inches long. What chance do i have against a guy like that who is over three times my size. I always think about my wife and what she would do if she has an 11 inch black cock dangling in front of her. I think i know what she would do but i souldnt blame her. My wife would probably be on it like a dog whos lost its favourite bone.

  4. I opened these pics to show my wife, I turned around and she was already legs spread playing with herself and she was soaking wet. The forst guys cock really turned her on and think she is going to go for it. I am 6.5″ but looking at these guys tools these guys dont have to be good at fucking the sheer thought of them sends woman into such a state they are gagging for it.

  5. the pic with the ladies leg in it comes from newbienudes and was posted by a gal who took the pic in curaco mexico several years ago. so this is a stolen pic!

  6. Yai said she likes hot dates so I invited her to go to the sauna and spa for a few hours before we get some Asian fried rice.

  7. Omg! I wonder how loud you could make my small wife scream with that huge cock
    Ruining her pussy. Id love to clean her destroyed hole out, an mabye your cock as well.
    As soon as she gets hooked on bbc, i wanna tattoo above her clit that says, “BBC welcome”.

  8. MMM, reminds me of my sons 22 year old black friend. They had a party and everyone had a bit much to drank. He had fallen asleep in a spare bedroom. I went to get him more cover . As i adjusted the covers I saw the biggest, blackest cock I had ever seen. Not even hard it was twice the size of my husbands. I called his name a few times but all he did was mumble. I got to my knees, called his name a few more times and then reached for that cock. With no response from him, I kissed the head, and then licked it, and then placed as much of that cock in my mouth as i could and began sucking on it. He actually awoke a bit and mumbled, whats going on, I winked at him and said, you are getting your cock sucked kid and continued with my sucking. Once it was nice and hard, had to be 12 inches long, I slipped the straps of my nitie down exposing my tits, pulled off my panties, he tried to get up, but too drunk, i pushed him back to the bed. I climbed on top of him, he asked miss jones, what are you doing, i just kissed him as i guided that huge black cock in my now drippng wet pussy, managed to get it all in, and rode it like a bitch in heat. he was really getting into it now. I got off of his cock, got on my knees and he fucked me really good from behind, fucked me to an orgasm. I kissed him and wet off to bed, remembered I left my panties. His cock was still rock hard, I climbed on again, this time he filled my pussy with lots of cum, loved it

    1. Surprised nobody woke up n seen you
      I imagine u had to been moaning..but as a man with 8″ I understand the desire even myself
      Get monster cock bisexual desires
      In my 30s experiencing circle jerking im starting to really enjoy & love the taste in my mouth.
      Warm milk dripping from your pussy how I wouldve to been there… DominiCum.

  9. Id love to hand my wife over to a bbc like these. We’ve been married since we were in high school. She is 33 years old and hasn’t ever been with a bbc but says she always wanted too. Can someone help us out?

  10. You have a huge dick. My husband is 12cm. I want to be a cuckold. I have a beautiful wife, he is 26. I have never had another dick. I want to see you fuck her pussy hard. I’m asking you to scream so I want you to give her ass

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