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17 thoughts on “Hunting and Lokking

  1. hey man, shes gorgeous. im a young bbc stud !
    click on the “black men photos” on the upper left corner of the website
    my email is on the post “Southern California Stud”
    im in califonria so email me !

  2. Ha…you said “guys” as in plural…you’re not looking for a “date”…your looking for a FuckFest…your a cutie for sure tho so I’m sure you’ll have all the Black cock you can handle soon….service them well bitch…

  3. Los Angeles and Orange County BBC here. I like what I see, Hit me up soon, I am going to take what I want while giving her what she needs. Tall discreet and available

  4. Lauren,
    You are gorgeous, and won’t have any proper taking your pick from a variety of well built stud bulls to service you. What part of Cali are you in? It’s a big state.

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