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I do feel inferior to black men

I have always felt inferior to black men and i do have a strong feeling to submit to black men, i am straight and i do understand why white women want black men in bed, i dont know why i feel the way i do, but it feels right and the feelings doesnt go away and i do accept them. Their is something very right about a black man having sex with a white women and black mens sexuality is very powerfulblack king tiny white dick

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41 thoughts on “I do feel inferior to black men

  1. I totally agree Chad. The more you read about these things, the more you learn! For instance, the power of melanin, th fact that Jesus was black, the Greeks were heavily influenced by African philosophy. As white people we are inferior

  2. Lets see, which cock would my wife want? That’s a real easy decision, she’d take that nice long thick black cock any day. Lock the little white deenie in a cage and let his wife hold the key. As long as she’s getting that BBC, little white dick will stay locked away.

    1. my wife has already started taking the black cock now she said i were to be castrated we have not had sex for one year now so i guess castration would make it better for me to let a black man have sex with my wife!

  3. that big black cock is so lovely looking my wife has 6 steady black lovers we both worship bbc i would suck black cock all day long,one time i sucked a young black guy off in the changing rooms at my local gym i kept his cum in my mouth till i got home and shared it with my wife,black cock wife whores her ass off on the streets of brixton london for black cock and donates all the money to africa,its her way of trying to give back to blacks what the whites have taken for so long.

  4. The best way for whites to give back to the Black Man is for white women to have sex with them and to never refuse the Black Man’s sexual demands. This will benefit society – and it’s the most natural form of sex. white men should find suitors and encourage white women to servicing Black Men and white men should be grateful to serve the Black Man as requested by the superior Black Man. white men should give very generously to all Black causes and appreciate that the Black Man would give of his time and body to have sex with the white woman.

  5. well said sidney my wife and i do all we possibly can for black people my wife never refuses a black cock she even sells her ass in brixton every weekend and every penny she earns goes to african charitys,we dont do it for the money we both have high earning salarys,i own my own plumbing business and my wife is an accountant.wouldn it be great if that black president you got over there in the usa released a new law that all white couples that marry have to have there first born child to a black man and the wife would have to give up her ass atleast 3 nights a week to walk the black neighborhoods for her evil black pimp to earn that pay with her ass pregnant are not.

  6. sidney and creamlicker you are right its how it should be and laws should be passed that all white womans first baby should be by a black man for retribution of the past injustices. my wife cuckolded me with a black guy and had a baby to a black guy so im ok with it . anyone want to chat drop a line to

  7. one more thig few of us white men can compare to the big black cock and as more white woman realize what they are missing , the more white wives are going to look for black men.

  8. I need bbc ,I would make my hubby suck his cock first and make it hard for me ,then I would make him watch a real man pleasing me bareback ,will he played with his pathetic white cock, then when my black bull has emptied his black balls in me I would make him clean my white, pink pussy with his tongue.

  9. EMMA,you said you need bbc,you WOULD make hubby eat his cream out your fucked cunt,you WOULD make him watch,you WOULD do some other things I don’t understand,are you telling me,you need it,you want it,but apperantly you DON’t do it,why? what are you waithing for? are you a real woman who does what she want?or are you gooing thrue live only dreaming about the things you WOULD do,when?in the afterlive?makes no sense.

  10. Yes Emma go get it. And for all you white guys, you should feel inferior. I mean look at your dicks, now look at these pics. haha my white ex is so intimidated by black guys, he just keeps his head down and never did shit when they would hit on me right in front of him, now i know why.

    1. Iunderstand how he felt. I am terrified of young hard black men and have
      Backed down when they hit on my sexy Asian wife. She calls me a pathetic
      Wimp and gets hot watching them beat me up

      1. LOL! David, you are terrified? You should be. He will take you down and you will never be the same. You will become his little sex slave and you will give up everything to serve him. A 22 year old will tear you to bits. You will love it. I am jealous!

    2. Yes I know I’m inferior, my dick is only 3.2 inches and when my girlfriend asked if I wanted to be cuck I agreed immediately. We are just inferior to black dicks and need to give up our white women at any time a black man needs them. We are just here to take high care of the goods for the black man to fuck

  11. my wife knows i’m inferior, she calls me wormbait,etc. In her fifties and has an ass that turns heads still yet. All i’m good for is sucking her ass. She probably would gobble this cock up if givin the chance.

  12. Keep telling us inferior white bois what we need to hear mandy, how small weak and useless we are in bed…this keeps us where we belong, in our place serving the superior black man and all the white women who are lucky enough to be satisfied by their BBC’s.

    1. Your right. My wife tells me that not only am I inferior in bed but also
      pysically. I have been beaten by young black thugs many times as
      she watched and laughed. Funny thing…my tiny dick got hard as they
      hit me. Much stronger than white boys. They are the Real Men

      1. my wife is the same way not been beat up but beat in ball and she laughs. and she loves giving her all to please black men. her in this bull was getting it on one night she ways all over him kissing and undressing each other he was checking her out and was kissing and licking his chest she started sucking his cock licking his balls then looked over at me and started laughing her ass off. he said what going on she pointed at me and said see why i’m here i had cum in my pants. he talked shit she kept laughing. when they started back she would keep laughing so he made me go set out in the car. they was in there for 7 hours when he was leaving he said give me 100 bucks boy or i take her with me.

  13. I am so sick of seeing how white men are supposedly inferior to black men. I have been with black men and white men, and you want the honest reply? here it comes.

    Five different black men, one was above average.
    Seven white men and 3 were what I would call BIG and one was HUGE.

    The BEST sex I had was with a white man who was average, about 5 inches?

    Done and done.

    1. my wife agreed with you to degree she said but she does prefer a big thick black guy. when we go out playing we call it. she likes the way black guys always try to prove something but after they cum and settle down they become more passionate.

  14. Women crave big cock and interracial babies it
    Lead to the evolution of our world but only one thing people seem to forgot is
    If Big black cock must breed white wife the opposite is right too
    Big white cock should breed black wife
    The result still the same interracial babies
    (im a 9 inches white male and my wife is black and ONLY crave big white cock )
    Every path lead to the same place …..supperior Interracial babies

      1. John you have realized a truth. All white women are easy mark for black men. Married or not white guys have no say in the matter. Just accept it and realize it is what it is! Black superior, white inferior.

  15. I was turned out about 4 years ago by a bbc, I am a straight white boy but I cant get enough big black cock now and I crave them. Theres a power it has over me and I cant get enough,

    1. I truly believe that all white boys should give their wives to the Superior Black Man. If you love your wife, only a Black man can give give her what she needs. Sexual bliss. As white bois we are not capable of this. My wife craves Black cock. Black men a young gave given her sexual joy that I can only dream of providing.

      1. Absolutely true, Dave. All white women crave black cock. The first time my wife did it she was fulfilled like never before.

  16. We’ve been married 20 years and my wife still won’t let me have sex with her. While in Jamacia where we were married , once we got to our room I thought I was going to have her to myself. Two very black men both appeared to be hosts of the hotel brought us wine complements of the hotel.
    Now my new wife was a virgin and she wanted sex after we were married. Well she got it! One of the large black guys grabbed and sat me down in a chair and the other was making out with my wife, the wife fought to get him away, he had his hand in her pants and she started to whimper and moan. They both got undressed and he carried her to the shower and proceeded to shave her pussy. When done he carried her back to the bed and broke her cherry and stretched her pussy out. Both men took her once and they said they would be back after there shift and bring more friends. I was tied to a chair, and her sex romp turned out to be just about our whole honeymoon. I got nothing, I’ve been locked chastity cage for years! I’m allowed to cum once a month and that’s by hand. I’m sort of a slave, I do all the house work, cooking, and taking care of her ki ds. There black k ids she has no idea who the fathers are. Next shes looking fo some one to castrate me and put my balls in a jar.

  17. You shouldn’t feel inferior to BBC. Here’s what you do… submit to that dizzy gravity you feel when you look at it. On your knees and Wrap your tender white lips around it. Feel your tiny white useless dick shrink. Get your wife or your moms KY and lube your male vagina. NOW LUBE THAT GIGANTIC HOT BLACK MONSTER! (NOW THE HARD PART!) Push on his abs gently, lay him down on the bed
    Straddle his hips and start to work that giant head into your virgin soft tight pink anus. THAT’S IT!! Just a
    Few inches… IT FEELS LIKE ITS GONNA RIP!!! GO A LITTLE FURTHER!! Now withdraw.
    You’ll here a “POP”, that’s what it means to have your cherry popped! (NOW THE IMPORTANT PART!!) After that since of relief you’ll feel an airy feeling in your ass,(THAT’S YOUR ASS GAPEING!) DON’T STOP NOW!!! Bend over… head on the bed… That’s when it happens…
    You feel your body spasm. You groan with delight…his cock slithers out…you feel warm flow coming
    Out your ass and your limp pp, running down your leg. You should feel honored to know what you are…A BLACK MANS SISSYASS!!! NOW CLEAN HIS COCK!!!(Maybe he’ll share you with his friends!!!)

  18. Some of you White people are so fucking deceptive.

    Don’t try to subtly relegate it to only our cock size. I see the thinly veiled racism targeted at Black males. It is more than just the ‘BBC’. You wish to objectify Black males as if ONLY our huge dicks are of worth. Let’s get one thing clear: The Black Man in our entirety is superior to White boys!
    Physically – sensually – artistically – passionately….. we are intelligent, powerful warrior/poets genetically blessed with over-sized members that White women are craving more and more.

    You silly white boys are more than glad to feed and breed Black dick to your women as long as they don’t leave your corny azz. You want to act as if you are somehow granting this ‘gift’ to your women. Silly fuckers! Black men are TAKING white women slowly but surely! LOL In a few years you won’t have your precious white woman as a mate. They will leave White men in droves and seek out Black partners.

    Then you can sit home and watch your porn. Alone.

    1. I do agree with you. Any man that has a bigger dick than mine has every right to fuck my wife and daughter however black men have even more rights to my wife and daughter’s bodies to do whatever they want to then and I have no right to interfere with their actions no matter how rough or perverted they want to get with them !

  19. My sister’s husband is black. Me and my sister are not as into sex as her husband and my white wife. Me and my sister agreed to let them have sex together. My only request was I got to watch. He pleased my wife slot more with his 8.5 in. Dick than I ever did with my 4 in one. I still have sex with my wife sometimes and my sister still has sex with her husband. In two years I couldn’t get her pregnant she was pregnant with his baby in less than a month. She is pregnant by him for the fourth time he has three with my sister. My favorite pastime is sucking off and swallowing black guys cum then getting pissed on.

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