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I have a problem….MY BIG DICK! help!

Im young, and every girl i meet is scared of my dick! They love to suck it but say its too big. Where are the white girls or latin girls that like big fat dick?

Get at me


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15 thoughts on “I have a problem….MY BIG DICK! help!

  1. First of all, I understand why white girls are afraid of that black meat. They are no way near used to seeing cocks that big. It is a magnificent black cock. All white girls need to be serviced by that huge black cock. I would love for my wife to be taken care of by what you possess. She is getting more and more into it. She is 48 with nice 36C’s and big Latin ass that you would love pounding from behind. Want to get that for her for her birthday gift.

  2. I can see that young girls are frightened off by your size. Try to hook up with an older white woman who will go crazy for your dick and you’ll have a wonderful time and get some good lessons in too.

  3. That’s some heavy equipment! You’re the Man!
    Thank you for offering your service to white women –
    hopefully you’ll find adventurous white and latin women
    who are not afraid of such a huge cock. Perhaps a
    woman who has had several children and has had a lot
    of sexual experience will be able to accomodate your size.
    I think it’s great that your willing to offer such excitment and
    pleasure to white and latino women.
    Good Luck.

  4. would love you to be my wifes first.where are you staying. we can travel. txt me to start with and then i will put you in touch with wife. txt me on zero,seven,five,one,,zero,zero,one,two

  5. This is my pic, I live in southern California. The OC/Los Angeles area. Anybody in that area? contact me at my email address

  6. I think most women see little hubby three inch cock and dont realize some grow very huge. Most women who see black cock for the first time are in awe of the huge size and the beauty.

  7. Omg that big boy got my pussy pulsing. Im 21 and 5ft with a tight white pussy and would love to be completely stuffed by your bbc and have me squirt all over it

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