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Why I like to dress sexy for my chocolate lovers

Like an elegantly wrapped present !(Jacob), Why I like to dress sexy for my chocolate lovers,The look of pleaure and excitment in his eyes and the way he slowley unwraps me! The reward of a passionate kiss followed by light kisses from the neck down,magic fingers strokiing my body and my silk lingerie and stockings! (Alisa)dress sexy for my chocolate lovers

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15 thoughts on “Why I like to dress sexy for my chocolate lovers

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  3. Females dress and act sexy to turn on both the black guy and the Whiteboy. But guess who gets her and who gets turned down and controlled.

  4. now your catching on. when i get dressed up all sexy and flaunt it in front of you, or when i send those little signs with my eyes and smile to give you hope, even i brush my beautiful ass up against your non existent crotch or let me round and perky tits rub against your arm- i’m just doing it to get u so xcited that your logic is gone making it easier to manipulate you and use you and when im done then you see who i want to look good for, crushing your little ego till another finds a need to use you. hehehehemuahaha silly boys white chicks are for black dicks

  5. Every time my Loving husband,,brings home a Black-Man,,& he kiss’s like that,,i know my uncontrollable urges,,,will get me inseminated

  6. If the white husband’s had balls,,they would Share that sweet,wet Fertile Pussy,,so these naughty wive’s could Totally submit to Real ORGASM’S. Believe me,,she’s been thinking about it,,all the time.

  7. Honey,,my pussy is always ready for that Superior Black Seed,,your jacking off makes it so Hot,,that i will surprise you with a Black baby girl.

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