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I would like to dominate wife, hubby or both

I’m 28yr old with choco skin. I would like to dominate wife, hubby or both, depending on what we agree upon before we meet. Or just have hubby watch me fuck his wife. I enjoy being the Alpha male of the home. I am very aggressive if needed and agreed to. I can dicipline hubby by putting him in pain holds, wrestling him down, tying him up and force him to watch me use the wife .
I am a big man and thus very sexually demanding. I would like to take your wife away for weekends at a time and just fuck the shit out of her. Go out to hotels and just have the hubby pick up the bill.
Let me know what you have in mind and see what we can work out. Let me know your limits and your expectations. I am for real so you be to. Let me know if you are plannin on comming to LA Ca.I would like to dominate wife

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25 thoughts on “I would like to dominate wife, hubby or both

  1. Dude,
    Please contact me so we can make plans to use my slut wife. I will send pics when I receive your email. We are a real LA couple. And she needs to be impaled on that. End of story! Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Damn … Im not married anymore to my Size Queen Cuckoldress.. I Lost her to one of her Blk b/fs … Im all ggod with that ,,, But what THEY Left me With is a Addiction to Big Blk Dicks & Lots of cummmmmmmmmmmm… & U Sir have an Awesome Dick … That Id Luv servin

    1. It’s true, the men with the big black cocks are staring to dominate and take over us women all over the place, we get off so very hard on their cocks.

  3. Master, I can only say that I would truly love for you and I to be friends and/or neighbors and that I could have the opportunity to offer any white woman I date to you for your sexual pleasure before I had the opportunity to do so.

  4. Damn have been looking for a bbc to train my black
    cock slut wife for some time with no luck. A lot of no
    shows.Live in inland empire, can you help and make
    her be submissive to your needs…DJ

  5. Master, i am a pathetic and useless piece of meat, my wife left me for a King of men. She was the main breadwinner in the home and now controls me with the alimony i receive. To keep the money coming in i am required to submit to any and all black men and to do whatever it is they desire. She asks for a phone call or short letter detailing how i have been used, abused, humiliated and degraded. As a dying breed and useless white male i hope you might find some use for an otherwise useless and worthless slave. While we were together i was taught how to get my mouth and throat fucked without gagging, my ass plowed without whimpering and my ass beat thanking which ever King and Master for each smack.

  6. My wife is really into well hung black men. While I have no issues with her playing, it’s only her that plays. We reside in so cal. If interested let us know and we can go from there

  7. Hi,
    You are exactly the kind of guy we are looking for. We live in the UK but was in CA in December and are planning another trip later on this year. It would be absolutely awesome if we could meet up for a couple of days and have you dominate us both whilst using my wife as your sex toy. Your build is exactly what turns her on.
    I have plenty of pics and clips to prove we are genuine…..
    Please get in touch…..

  8. Mmmm – love dominant, intelligence black men who enjoy verbally degrading and emasculating my cuck while filling and stretching my tight white pussy:)

  9. Hi,
    My name is Jennifer and I saw a pic of you on Amateur Interracial. I’m definitely interested.
    I’m white, 5’9”, 135 lbs, natural blonde hair (down there too) with green eyes. I’m married with children so I must be extremely discreet.
    I live in Media, PA, south of Philly.

    I am NOT new at this but always looking for new adventure.
    I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you,

  10. If your going to dominate the wife in her training , you also need to dominate the husband as well . Let him see that you and the black race are the real alfa males by punishing him until he looses his white man’s arrogance and begs you for your dick . He needs to understand that the only reason he is allowed to stay with you and your slave , is for your amusement..

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