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I’m so grateful to black men – interracial sex story

I’m so grateful to black men. The black man has really reduced the load of the white man. My trophy wife has an insatiable appetite for sex, and why not? Just look at her. She wants sex thrice a day. I was glad to have it once a week, and it was a constant source of nagging for me that I never wanted more.
Our marriage was on the rocks. And then suddenly it all stopped. My wife was as cheerful as ever, and I didn’t even have to sleep with her even once a week. She said she felt complete. In office I noticed that my black boss kept excusing himself when I arrived. Putting two and two together I came home early and caught them in the act. Theydidn’t even stop.
Trying to hide my little white erection, I demanded an explanation. I thought she was a racist bitch. She replied, in between her screams, that no white woman is ever racist, especially to black men. It’s just an act to hide their horny interracial affairs.
Since, then all my sexual duties have been taken over and enhanced exponentially by my black boss, relieving me of my agony. I was tired of interracial porn anyway.
Now I had it live in the comfort of my own home. I even sell tickets to other frustrated white men and make a killing out of it. God bless black menI'm so grateful to black men 01I'm so grateful to black men 01

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2 thoughts on “I’m so grateful to black men – interracial sex story

  1. I agree, black men are all so very awesome. They enjoy so many of us white guy’s white women, our women get-off while looking hotter and sexier than ever sucking and fucking black cock, and us white guys get-off that much harder when we do get to have sex with our ladies.

  2. WHAT?!? You sell tickets to let other guys watch your wife being fucked by a black man? Dude, that’s awesome! If my girlfriend’s ex- husband had thought of that, I bet they’d still be married.

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