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Im waiting for bbc, hubby getting ready.

A few years ago i was up late typing and changing channels on the tv when i turned in to HBO and the special was on black men. i watched and then went and woke up hubby cuz i was very horny. i then told him what i was watching and we fucked nearly alnight. then a few weeks later my hubby brought home a handsome black man and i was hooked since. my hubby has put up camera all over house and we just recently got a new neighbor who bought the house next to us. he big black and handsome. we r just having adult fun. no harm in that.wife waiting for bbc

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7 thoughts on “Im waiting for bbc, hubby getting ready.

  1. No harm at all! How about I join your husband as a audience. We’ll just applaud and high five as you take the back meat

  2. You are a beautiful lady and perfect for black dick. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the white females finally getting to enjoy ultimate sex by giving themselves to the black man. Sure wish I could be there for you and clean you up.

  3. yea, your sweet heart will Love knowing that fertile pussy, gotten Stretched during your Long intamateShower’s,,during your honey moon.

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