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8 thoughts on “Interracial anal Qeens

  1. Great photos. It’s always great seeing black man getting/
    taking that which they are entilted: white pussy and ass.
    And it’s great to see that these white women know how
    to show the proper respect to Black Men.

  2. I’ve heard of many white women complaining of how us white dudes are inferior compared to balk men when it comes to anal sex as they would describe to me how so many white guys have gone limp during anal sex as they compare us to the black guys who had no problems staying fully erect during anal sex acts.

  3. When I ass fucked my wife for the first time it was fantastic! Then I hit this weird ridge in her anus. I said what the heck? Then she told me her first anal was in the Army with her drill Sargent. She said the first few seconds was agony (about 14 in.,She was reverse doggin’ it). She tried to slide off but he just grabbed her waist and began to pull her down. “It felt like a log!!!” she said. It was all lubed up but too long! He pinched her clit and was finger fuckin’ her pussy(That part felt good.) He put a sock in her mouth and started to Pogo her ass! She said it was like being on one of those Spring horses on the play ground but the spring was up her ass! The fun stopped when he went up to far and ripped her colon, (and he still filled up her ass) When she went to the base hospital a nurse was examining her ass with a flash light and said, “It was a black guy wasn’t it!” She said and that’s when they sewed me up. That’s when my dick went limp…

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