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19 thoughts on “Interracial breeding

  1. That is soooooooooo HOT!!!!I am a little blonde housewife and I make Love to alot of Black guys too.Ive been pregnant twice but miscarried both times.Way to go girl,you’ve got a Black baby in your belly!Keep fucking the Black guys!!!!!!!!!!!!Pamela

  2. Another beautiful black ba by entering the world
    to make it a better place. Congratulations to you and
    your little white hubby.
    Hopefully this is one of many interracial babies you
    will be fortunate enough to have.

  3. Congratulations on being Black pregnant. It is truly a great experience. I have been breed 4 times by Blacks and both my husband and I are proud of each one. I am now trying to get Black pregnant again

  4. you are so lucky I have been wanting my wife to get breed but she will not get off birth control, she loves getting it from other guys just will not get pregnant. I keep asking so i hope someday she will change her mind

    1. I am wondering if there are any BBC out there that would be willing to breed my tight white pussy. I am only looking to get bred by a BBC. I am happily married but we want to have my pussy knocked up by a big black cock that’s not afraid to shoot some black cum in my pussy until um bred. If there are any BBC that want to breed a pussy. hit me up.

  5. My wife has been fucking her black lovers off and on again for about 15 years. There have been times when we thought she might be black bred, but it was always a false alarm. Just in the past year, she has made it a mission to become black bred. She watches her fertile cycles very closely and will always have bareback sex with her blackman to try and accomplish her goal. Still nothing….but still trying

    1. Hi
      I’ve taken a risk with a black man 3 times I’ve not got pregnant so far and I haven’t seen him again because of the risk but all you guys seem to think is an all right thing to get pregnant by black men? Do you really believe this?

      1. Honey, this whole site is covered with white women who want to have black babies and I’m one of them. perhaps you’re just worried about getting pregnant period. However it would seem that you’re not that concerned having had sex with a Black man 3 times. Something must be bringing you back and I would guess that, down deep, you know you’ve met a pretty good guy. Methinks you should go for 4. lotta luck

  6. I think she looks absolutely adorable. I’m white and I’ve been bred twice by different black men, and now I’m looking for a third. see me at my post may 2013 page 21

  7. We are white couple lots older guy and 20 year younger wife she has had her black lover now about a year and a half got off pill now is real pregnant and to me it’s a beautiful thing as she has wanted a baby a long time . There is no doubt it’s her lovers was talked over and planned we are all excited

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