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Interracial cuckold fantasies with your wife or girlfriend?

Can you fantasize about your wife going black, you watching the entire experience and possibly participating, for many months or years and actually believe it has happened? Or, convince yourself that when it does happen, you will not react negatively or in horror?

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4 thoughts on “Interracial cuckold fantasies with your wife or girlfriend?

  1. Just about all my fantasies came true with my wife fucking Black men including many of my black coworker.

    Most of the people I worked doing my wife was a slut but did not have the balls to talk to my face about it.

  2. Just as a house, which begins with a simple project, a cuckold relationship usually begins with the idea of being cuckolded, a simple wish or fear. My gf now’s dating a black man from our neighborhood, after I remarked the way he looked at her ass when she passed.

  3. I’m trying to get my wife to go black. I have contact with this bbc who livess nearby and are willing to fuck my wife insane anytime. Can’t wait until I can see her pussy be streached to its limits.

  4. Thats what i want ,my wife to have her first bbc, check out her photos under my username qqf20c/hotwife & leave acomment if bbc bulls would like a night/week with my wife.

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