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Interracial pics – Kat tongues Brutus

He’s so big, that is so erotic! That’s a hot picture. He’s way bigger then she is and are both in great share. Brutus abd Kat. This is one of the best interracial pic here!interracial pics kat tongues brutus

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13 thoughts on “Interracial pics – Kat tongues Brutus

  1. Omg! He is a monster! I’m dying to see him taking her…please find more of these two and post them.

  2. him i would do !! what a body i would come taking my panties down why did they hide that huge cock i just was pushed over the top what a beatiful black man!my first black cock is going to be very very lucky this 53 year old no kids has one pussy looking to be stretched!

  3. Thank you all for the compliments. I’d invite you to contact me, but it appears that contact information is forbidden.

  4. Im 19 and white. My boyfriend is 37 and black. This pic reminds me of us. I am 5’6″ and he is 6’5″. He left his old ass black wife for me. We’ve been together for ten months. We fuck everyday except for Sunday. He never gets enough. He once punched out this little white guy for making a comment to me about being with a black man.

  5. that is hot baby. im 46 black man and my gf is 20 and white. i fuck her young tight pussy every night, i got kids older than her. her daddy and i compared cock sizes at the pool one day, he was 5.5 inches and i am 9.5. he feels small and like a little boy around me.

  6. I 60 now but when i was in my 50s i dated a young white girl in her 20s. we fucked all damn day and night. i left my wife for her and we were together bout 3 years. she finally left me for a younger black man in his 30s but damn was the sex good. her tight tight pussy would grip my cock and not let it go. i was a mailman and there was so many mornings i was late to work cause id be busy fucking her. she want to get married but i didnt i already had been married. that is prolly why she left. but damn wish i had her back.

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