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Interracial sex story with my wife

I took my hot redheaded wife to a Mandingo Party. Something we mutually agreed on checking out for the fun and excitement of it but without any definite plans to particiapte. In fact, we saw a video clip of a husband and wife doing just that and they had a “saftey word” they used to tell the other that they wanted to leave now. The word in the video was “Big Wheel” and we decided that would be out word too.

So we go in thte party. It is a nice home about 40 minutes from us and owned by a white couple whom are into this lifesyle. They handed us a set of rules to read and to keep computer printed on a 3×5″ card. Rule #1 was “White men can only watch — no touching — even your own wife/GF!” Rule #2 was “White women have the last word. Nothing happens without their approval first.” The other rules were pretty normal rules for any swing party I think.

First of all I could not believe all the attention a pretty Ginger girl gets at one of these parties. Even though there were many redheads they seemed to be a focus of the black men. My wife wore a party dress that was metalic and drapped well but very small and very short. She had a nude liner under it and a thong on. I got to admit she looked very hot and fuckable.

Basiclaly the black guys pretty much ingore the white guys… I mean you are there but as far as the party is concerned you are just there to watch it so you are really outside the party. We had a few daquries and I guess they were mixed pretty strong and I was buzzing so I could imaging she must have been very high.

We watched a 3 -some. We watched a pretty white blonde girl that seemed like she might be too young to be there.taking on well endowed black men that were quite well endowed. I was kind of amazed the little girl could take the cock like she did. We walked around and looked at all the rooms and each had something going on and a number of black men waiting on the sidelines for their chance at some white pussy along with a number of white women. But it seemed the ration was about 10 black men to 1 white women. A bit odd.

My wife went to use the restroom. When she came back I was going to tell her “Big Wheel”. I had seen enough and I didn’t want these huge black cocks shootiing their seed into and onto my wife. To be blunt about it… it was the nastiest and most crude scene I have ever seen even in porno movies.

When she came back she was really excited and she told me she was ready to try it. My jaw dropped… she had two rather large and very dark black men in tow behind her. They were totally naked and they both had huge cocks that just hung there and you would have thought they were made of pastic or something. She was holding one of their hands and the other keep putting his hand on her hip and stroking her a bit as he looked at me rather defiantely. I then noticed that she had taken off the nude underlayment and the thong and so was standing there in the party dress and you could see everything!

This shocked the shit out of me… I asked ot speak were her privately (rule 5 allowed that) and they allowed that. I pulled her aside and said “Big Wheel” and she tilted her hip and jsut looked at me with a snear saying, “Oh… you’re a party pooper!”

So she went back to tell the fellas and I was ready to leave but it seeme they were trying to talk her out of it. I heard one of them saying, “Baby… I’ll do you reeeeallll good!” Some nasty talk I know she isn’t into but this time it seemed to turning her on. I cam up to ask her to leave and pulled her by the hand.

When I did that one of the guys said, “Hey… you can’t touch her!” That was rule #2. He proceeded to pull his rule card out to show me.

I said, “i know… I know…. ”

The other guys said, “Its up to her man… and she just told us she wants to stay. So you can either leave or watch.”

I looked at her and I could tell she was a bit drunk. I said, “What do you want?”

That is when she said someting that not only shook my world but changed our relationship from then on out. She said, “John, I want to stay and ‘get my fill’.”

Wowser… the other show (each session is called a “show”) and they were calling, “Next”. The two black guys pulled on her hand to ge ther up there and she turned to me and said, “Don’t worry honey… you have wanted to see this for a long time and I want to give it to you… watch and enjoy.”

With that it started and all I could do was watch. I wateched them pull her head down and basically “fuck her mouth” (she won’t even give me a BJ) but she was very excited and even shaking a bit. One view I saw her pussy and it was dripping wet. Later she admits to me that this was a long time fantasy of hers and whe wasn’t ready to let the opportunity to let it go so easily.

Well… I left a couple of times cause I couldn’t stand to watch but when I couldn’t see I wandered what was going on so I was sort of compelled to watch and kept coming back. I watched them fuch her and shoot their loads into her now gaping pussy and it was all very nasty and they treated her like a whore and I have to admit she acted like one.

In closing I will tell you that just when I thought it was all over.. both had shot their loads and she had a few orgasms one guy stepped out and another from the sideline jumped in his place. A true gang bang now and she was letting it happen. She allowed a total of six of them to either fuck her or get her to milk their cocks into her mouth. We left about 3 hours after I said, “Big Wheel”.

So things haven’t been the same since. She has a few black lovers now that she goes to get her fill and we still go to the parties which we both love now. My sex life with her is much hotter and even though I just watch at the parties she blows me on the ride home or we stop somewhere for a fuck and I shoot my load on top of theirs. It isn’t what we are all about. We are regualr people but we do have this little hobby.

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