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6 thoughts on “Interracial wife craves black – Got hubbies little dick in hand and a brotha’s gland in her ass

  1. Mmmm. I love this pic too. Look at her face. I bet her white husband never made her cum that hard! And she’s probably even more excited knowing that her husband is probably tasting her cum on her lovers big black cock as he fucks her tight pussy! And the bulls expression is great, with his hand on the small of her back – you know that HE knows he owns this white pussy now and shell do anything he tells her to do!! Very hot!

  2. I have been in this position under my wife many times with most of my black coworkers. There is nothing better in the world than to get a real good look at a black cock going in and out of your wife’s beautiful pussy.

    I always cleaned up.

  3. Let me tell ya there’s a feeling of great power when you are slamming dick to a hot white wife while her husband is underneath licking her clit. I especially like it when the hubby says he “just wants to see my black cock sliding intohis wife’s pussy”. It never fails that he gets so turned on that he has to lick her clit, which makes her pussy tighten up on my dick. I usually start to feel his tongue “accidently” lick my cock. It’s not long before he’s into cleaning her cock juice off my dick. I don’t mind. I actually like busting my nut and pulling a huge glob of cum out into his open mouth. Good times. I’m new to the north dallas, sure would like to meet new like minded friends.

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