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Is this normal – interracial sex story

My girlfriend and I met four black guys at the beach last night while here on vacation, we all went to breakfast and wound up back here here at the condo. The black guys were all well muscled and we found that they all had huge cocks once things got (really) started. My girlfriend here had her first anal sex last night, I’ve had anal before but only once with a white guy so that may not count. I reluctantly sucked one of the black guys cocks after he pulled it out of my ass but my girlfriend here chose not to. The both of us had at least one of the black guys cum inside our pussies, I had one of the black guys cum in my mouth and I swallowed it, she said she didn’t but you know how that goes maybe so maybe no plus the pre-cum thing. The one thing I’m sure of is that both of us wound up with plenty of black cock cum on the outside of our bodies, mostly our breasts, tummies, faces, and I got some in my hair. The main point that I want to make is that both of us actually came, we’ve both only had white boyfriends and we both have white boyfriends back home, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, I’ve got to much to loose. We both agree, the black guys that we fucked all came (a lot) and they tasted much better than our white boyfriends we’ve had in the past.Is this normal?

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9 thoughts on “Is this normal – interracial sex story

  1. Congratulations on having a nice time with BBC!
    You girls are gorgeous – you both deserve BBC on a
    regular bases.
    It’s understandable you would want the best – at least
    once in a while!

  2. Perfection should be our only goal when presenting our white sluts. Besides providing the pussy we should make sure it is at the top of its game as far as appearance and preparation go. From a sexy hairstyle down to a pair of week pedicures feet, NOTHING is too good for these black Gods! Again, as pussy, sissy inferior white males it is our duty to make sure that our nasty, slutty cum dumps of white wives are as close to being worthy of the sweet nectar of the Gods as humanly possible. Also we are to make sure that the REAL MEN are provided with plenty of refreshments and snacks to keep them satisfied because after all they are rewarding our wives with the only REAL cock out there. Otherwise they would have to attempt at being pleased with our “manclits” and we just know that white pee pee(can’t even call it a dick, cock, etc.) CAN NEVER provide a woman with pleasure! The white pee pee is simply a means of urination for us pathetic whites and also as something to provide entertainment and laughter in a group setting of REAL (black) MEN and our white sluts. Also, let us not forget to provide financial gratification for the REAL MEN as they should not be forced to work on top of fucking/sucking all day. We currently have 3 REAL(black) MEN staying with us rent free. It is only fair that I provide for them while they are willing to bless my wife with 8-10 loads of “BLACK GOLD” daily.

    1. Nice, Terrancehall, That is a great life style you have. We have had Blacks stay with us for long weekends or even a week or two. They use my wife as they choose and I am obnly there to clean up with my tongue. I agree that Blacks are REAL MEN and we both worship their monster cocks. was my pee pee is worthless I have been castrated ( testicles removed). This was don under direct order of one of my wife’s Blacl lover. The castration was performed by a Black female doctor. My wife and I are so glad I did tjhis as is her Black lovers

  3. hello samantha, i want to know if you and you friend prefer your guys to be very dark skin and masculine for the true black experience. if you girls do let us know

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