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12 thoughts on “Jamaica vacation coming soon wanna get wife blacked

  1. Be careful what you wish for. Chances are she’ll get gang fucked if you’re not sharpish.

    If you’re in a hotel, try tapping up one of the waiters/support staff. Then she’ll be able to get fucked every day in your room.

    1. She’s been gangbanged a few times before so that won’t be a issue lol. Hell it would be hot as hell to see her split roasted. We got a suite with butler so I’m hoping he will be down to split roast her with me in the room a couple times before we leave.

    2. Wow what a beautiful photo of your wives p**** I think she looks amazing my 6-in hard fat white cock is throbbing just thinking about her being with a big black Jamaican cock she will enjoy his monster that black cock two or three but man please don’t ruin your beautiful tight wet p**** my experience my wife’s p**** used to look like that until I hooked her up with big black cock now she is only putting 10 inch fat black cock deep in her belly and her p**** has turned black from all the sexy black cocks please enjoy let me know.

  2. My wife Olivia got blacked for the 1st time in Jamaica, she was a little drunk and we met a black stud on the beach they hit it off really well and ended up in our room after a few hours of drinking on the beach. We did not go there to get her blacked it just happened from the pic your wife looks hot black guys will be all over her. Pay attention they will try to get her to fuck 3 or 4 of them. You wont be able to stop it from happening if it goes to far. I hope you have a fun trip and she gets the black cock her white pussy deserves!

    1. Has she gotten black since? I’m going to try and avoid it getting out of control, I’d really prefer to have it just be me her and one good bbc a couple times on the trip. Did your wife get barebacked?

      1. Yes after we got home i could tell something was really bothering her finally she admitted she wanted to fuck another BBC! I told her if i could watch it was ok with me. She prefers black men now. We atill have sex but its very obvious im not doing much for her. She has 3 bulls she fucks regularly

    2. Sounds like yall have it figured out and have a good time with it. I’m hoping mine will go good and make some fun for us. Does she always let you watch them pound her raw pussy?

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