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Kissing with black lovers

One of the most erotic and intimate things you can do with someone is kissing. That explains why some cuckolds find it so important to be kissed by their wives every now and then. It proves they still love them, even when they screw around and (almost) never use their white hubby for sex.When you want to proceed in a cuckoldry relation, kissing your black lover more then your hubby is a very exciting new stepkissing with black loverskissing with black loverskissing with black loverskissing with black lovers

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15 thoughts on “Kissing with black lovers

  1. The sight of your white wife, (daughter, girl friend, MOM)) kissing her black master, and hearing her say to him I LOVE YOU MASTER, is the very reason i am and love being a cuckold to blackmen

  2. So nice to see the Black Man claiming that what he is entitled to: white women.
    And all us white guys can do is watch, appreciate and admire how fortunate Black Men and white women are these days!

    1. I just got back from the store where I saw three very lucky, beautiful white women walking with their black bulls. By far they were the best looking women in the store… we know who has the best access to the best looking white women.

      One of the couples had their interracial chldren with them and they were obviously very nice looking too. White women now have a choice in men and they are going for the superior black man more and more. The white men can just stand in awe of these beautiful men and women as they stut through public now.

  3. All little white men, such as me, can do is watch and admire these Black Men as they dominate white women.. Who can blame these white women for wanting pleasure, happiness, and extreme sexual fulfillment?
    Pehaps (if we’re lucky), we white guys can have the leftovers when the superior Black Men are finished with the white women – or we can have the ugly white women that the Black Man doesn’t want.
    Black Men are very kind to take the time to please white women – as Black Women are much more beautiful and sexy.
    The job for the white man is to encourage white women (including white wives and girlfriends) to please Black Men in every way – especially sexually.

  4. I agree with Jerry we as white men should know our place in this brave new world and accept that we are inferior to the black man sexually. We should encourage our wives and girlfriends to pleasure the black man to give themselves totally & willingly to his desires to allow themselves to become pregnant with his baby. to serve the black race.

  5. OMG it’s amazing how whitechic are falling head over heels for black studs. I was in Vegas last month in a casino I was standing outside a night club .there were several whitegirls with black guys and i saw how one black bull yanked his hot whitegirl up to him like she was a rag doll and she threw her arms around his head and they kissed sooo passionately. You can guess what I did the first thing when I got yo my room,lol

  6. I am a pre-op white woman and I still remember that day a Black Man popped my T-Girl pussy four times in my backyard. It was everything that I had imagined, it was heaven since that day I have never been with a white boy becauseb now I know that Black Men are real Men and it is my place to serve the Superior Black Man. I live in the hellhole known as Mobile Alabama but that will not stop me from wanting to be a Black Mans slave. All I think about are BBC’s pumping cum into my mouth and my T-Girl pussy. So if you are a Black Man in Mobile Al. I am here, ready, willing and more than able to serve you.

  7. my wife has worked with many black men from office work to selling she has dressed in very short skirts and low cut tops . we have been to many places dances and meeting and so on.she has danced with many black dudes and rubbing her pussy all over them.she used to kiss her black boss any time they would meet. she always said she would give it up for him any time any place

  8. I will kiss my husband very sexy only after I have been laid by my Black lover(s). ,I do this as it is the only sexual relationship we have. My husband is like 4″ and Recently castrated. I only want real sex with Black men as they know how to use their cocks in a white pussy.

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