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Lanima goes Black

It didn’t turn out as I planned! I chose the lover, the place and the setting and I was supposed to be there filming and getting some action. Both the lover and my wife, on her first time decided I didn’t need to be there. So all I got is the dirty lustful story of what the did to each other, and few photos I took myself after he was done with her. One photo I’m trying to get all the cum out of her stretched cunt. The other photo shows how much pounding her cunt and asshole took from this 25 year old cock. Just look at her glistening used holes and the pile of cum on the sheet below her asshole. She was fucked like a true white housewife whore, cunt so stretched I was fucking air after I licked her clean. and it’s only her first BBC!!Lanima goes BlackLanima goes Black

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