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Last Night

I just finished watching a video tape. My wife gave it to me last night when she came home. She said I would enjoy it.
The tape shows about 2 hours of her with 3 black men. Not unusual. Except this time the three men and her look into the camera and talk to me.
My wife tells me how good it feels to have not one, not two but three REAL dicks in her.last night sex

The three men tell me what a great mouth and pussy my wife has and I better take care if it.

There are various scenes of my wife being used. The three guys are seated around a table playing cards. My wife is under the table visiting each one.

Another scene shows her in a triple penetration. And yet another scene shows the black men degrading her with thier dicks and her thanking them for choosing her for thier sexual exploits.

The final scene shows each guy individualy coming on her face. Before each dumps thier load on her face, they look into the cameral and say; “This is what I think of you pig-wife!”

After each cum dump, my wife looks into the camera and smiling says “I’ve never been treated so wonderfully before. This is why I love black dicks!”

My wife will be calling shortly to ask if I have watched the video. Then she will ask if I have jerked off nowing full well she is
wearing the key to my CB2000.

She will make me beg, over the phone, for relief. I will have to make her feel special so she will allow me relief. Typically, she will masurbate me with her feet. Then make me lick her feet clean.

Since I am in an excited state with no way to relieve myself, I thought this might help.

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7 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. A white girl tugging on a black cock is never crappy. We sure would like to see more though. I’m sure things went further than just a hand on his cock. Let’s see the rest!

  2. My wife started fucking my Army buddies,got a few black cocks put to her,and evolved fairly quickly into bbc whore.She likes two on one,and has been fucked by two black men several times,but just recently had three for the first time.She also enjoys two in the same day,but at different times which is easier to make happen.I only wish I had a video.

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