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Letting them cum in her?

Do you let them cum in you in a GB or did you change your mind and let them do it?
Yes, I let them cum in me.
No, I do not let them cum in me.
Yes, I changed my mind and let them cum in me against my partners wishes.

So at a get together with the wife and black studs, Did you both agree he would pull out, but later when he starts to cum the wife in a momment of passion tells the guy to cum inside her?
How did your white BF, husband react?
How did it feel?

Do you let black men cum in you? In a gang bang, yes or no?
Does your husband like it?
How does it feel or make the sex feel? is a community of people who love to upload and share their interracial content! Join us now!

Letting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in herLetting them cum in her

10 thoughts on “Letting them cum in her?

    1. So then does he still taste a little of it? My Ex lived for this. She secretly fed me these over time and I lost the sense of it as I became addicted to it. I watch a gal GB 27 Black guys in the Army one night on leave. I had no idea I was attracted to her sex full of seed but it drew me like a magnet. All because my GF in High School had been so naughty.

  1. Well, if you let your black stud cum in you against your partners wishes then you can tell him this. If he doesn’t want you pregnant then he had better hurry up and suck the black man’s cum out of your pussy and do his best not to leave any behind. By the time he is done packing his mouth with cum he will know his place, you will be able to let your bulls cum in you as they please, and you will probably soon have a swelling belly.

    1. That is a great idea. This is similar to what happened with me and my hubby years ago. Now ive already had one gorgeous black baby and my hubby desperately sucks bull cum from my pussy to try to keep me from having another. His family is already freaked out over my first child. My SO cant stop me but he loves me so he just keeps felching cum from my womb. We both know that eventually I will be pregnant again and he will be paying for a second child that isnt his. He might as well just start putting the black dick directly in his mouth. Maybe I will offer him that. If he doesn’t want me pregnant then he has to finish my bulls off himself. Who thinks that is a good idea?

  2. She started with condoms only to taking it bare but gotta pull out and then one day she was in the middle of her orgasm and she rapped her legs around his body as he was cumming and took his seed deep inside her unprotected pussy and never looked back. Now she takes all the seed she can inside. The second to the last pic is a pic of my wife taking his black cock bare :):):)

  3. Ive only ever been with 2 bbcs at once, it was hubbies idea at first. I told him i didnt want him watching so i did it when he was at work. The first guy went in me without even asking and after that I was addicted. After a while i built up the confidence i was letting them finish in me. He was hurt at first but I explained that this was what he asked for so now i get my pussy filled up daily

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