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8 thoughts on “Lous Ready For BBC

  1. let me know if you will love to be fuck, licked and cleaned by a young BBC?
    If you will love to taste a African sperm and share it with me?
    let me know if you will love and allow me to pimp your pink pussy into dark black color, suffer you, fuck you slowly and deeply?

    if you will………………………….

  2. Okay now, the pics are nice for an basic meeting or hanging out but somethin tells me from the photos she definitily into something different sir. When she came home you check her panties? I can only guess she has an nice ripe juicy pussy you can tell sometimes from when a woman spreads her legs as so meaning she knows how she wants her pussy aroused sir, you having problems have your wife email me while you watch what we are talking about till we actual meet. if you live in the states my opinion she needs to be properly trained with an mature, responsible, professional active athletic bbc from minnesota before you let just any bull abuse,misuse, such an beautiful gift that you have been giving. Sir all my session are done professional and guarantee satification if not we keep at it till i get it right it my job an i do it well. Respectfully, Joe

      1. Dave, As far as your wife how are you? Do you live in the usa? Do you like oral? Why i ask you have such nice legs to wrap around me while i lick,taste the matureness of you? May i see a pic of your mature ripe pussy? Do you wear stockings on a regular i think the pair you had on in your pics where sexy. Well its on you both from here? I can do more than emails jus have to set it up something i dont do but willing to learn just see how serious people are i guess id rather just do my job an let other techs do they jobs. Respectfully,Joe

  3. i would love to Fuck you and introduce you to my bbc into that pink pussy.Do you like Latin lover. let me know.

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