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10 thoughts on “LOVE BBC

  1. The language is getting looser than the women. Maybe I’m being too literal about this, but when I see a woman described as a “real whore,” I’m thinking she’s a genuine prostitute, instead of just a promiscuous female. Like what happened to my ex-girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl who loved sex and was adventurous in her pursuit of it. So she naturally became a “slut” (in the positive sense). But some of the other men she was fucking (for free) apparently felt that the best way they could express their appreciation of her promiscuity and kinkiness was by pressing money on her. So, to please them, she started accepting money they offered, whatever they chose to give her. She didn’t mind that this made her a part-time prostitute. Instead, she embraced the notion that she’d become an actual whore. And soon she began propositioning men and asking them for money of her own accord.
    I don’t know what this woman’s sexual development path was, but it’s nice to know she enjoys her BBCs.

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