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Lucky husband can watch – interracial cuckold video

He was a good cuckold so today his hotwife invited him to see her during one of her gangbang dates. He can’t touch her but only have to sit in the corner and peek on that insane action. She gets two cocks in her holes and moans so sexy![media id=363 width=590 height=443]

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10 thoughts on “Lucky husband can watch – interracial cuckold video

  1. its what all us white hubbies should have to watch as black men take our wives and give
    them black babies for us white sissies

  2. A nice example of how a married relationship should be. She is enjoying double sex with black lovers, and he gets the privilege of watching his wife being satisfied as he never could satisfy her. A win-win for them.

  3. Playful minx, sort of like my voluptuous girlfriend. In her favorite sex game, she’d be sucking one guy while a second was fucking her. And a third or fourth etc would watch but not be allowed to approach her until later, when they had gone insane from wanting her. And then she’d let them posess her to the max.
    When encountering previous sex partners, she just let them take her any old way, because she knew they were stimulated from remembering her from before. But she often added some erotic thing, such as telling them she’d become a willing prostitute in order to take on more men and was now working regularly in a brothel. So now her professional pride required her to ask payment, even if only $5.00. The guys were glad to pay her to fuck, and she enjoyed this little game of hers so much that it eventually turned into the real thing. She became a genuine call girl, so self-eroticized that she sometimes had orgasms during sex with her customers.

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