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7 thoughts on “Lucky husband taking picture and jerking off

  1. Oh yea man this is sweet. Just pull up your dress bitch and take that black cock before you go home from work. I’d love to see my wife like this man. Shit – I’d be beating my meat like it owed me money too. But I’d have to ask if I could get a taste for myself as well. I’d love to suck my wife’s cunt juice of a nice big thick black cock like this one. Oh yea, give me the man meat. You gotta share a little honey.

  2. LOve her. Wish my wife hung out with them!! I’d love to see her going partying with NO Underware!!!! Just Bare as Nature intended and already to accept some BBC creampies!!

  3. Have always wanted to come out of some sort of club or game and catch some hot white female getting hard like that and caring who comes by or watches mmmm

  4. my black boyfriend did me like that outside a club once.. in a dark parking lot but several people where kinda’ close by: I was like, ” what the fuck are you doing?” ..and He said ’cause I want everybody to know you gonna be my damn HO…I felt so completely embarrassed at first and I nearly freaked out. But he got to making me feel so damn good,so quick that I thought well, NOW, I GUESS,MAYBE…I AM HIS HO!

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