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12 thoughts on “More from interested but apprehensive wife

  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again…..OMG!!! SHE’S FUCKING HOT!!! Those creamy legs and ass makes me hard!!! No man can resist that given the opportunity; I know I can’t!!! No problem getting her BBC.

  2. The wife have an amazing body…omg, I would love to be that first black guy to please her with a BBC so we could put her curiousity to rest/bed or whatever…we could close that chapter of her book. Dont beat herself over the head wondering if this is the right or wrong to do…many other ladies just like yourself are taking the plunge and adventuring life and enjoying their new BBC friends, so come on allow me to become your new BBC.

  3. You are a stunning sexy lady i would love to spend many hours giving you all the pleasure you crave lady i am new on here.
    My name andy and i am a very fit blackguy from the uk 5ft 10inches tall workout 3 times per week
    a body to die for and a cock that needs a good rider….

    andy x if you are free weekends to meet great and lets make good soul music together.

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