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9 thoughts on “Mr indiangav

  1. She’s doing what all white women/wives should do –
    and you’re doing what all white hubbys should do.
    To me it seems like the perfect white marriage.
    Congratulations. You’re both very fortunate.
    She has a nice soft pussy. Send some more photos of her.
    Has she been fortunate enough to have gotten pregnant
    yet by any of her BBC bulls?

    1. Thanks for your comments.She started out wanting me to fuck her and call her a slut and a breding whore. Things went on from there so now she trys to uck every black cock she can.she comes home with cum in her pussy 3 to 4 tjmes a week for me to lick clean

  2. I am a young black bull looking for some tasty white pussy in indianapolis… INterested? hit me up i am def real. The colts just won sunday to vikings with a last minute fg kick.

  3. Wow! Here is something for you two..
    ……You start crawling over on your knees in doggy style over your bf who is lying on the sofa on his back.
    You stop crawling when your pussy is directly over your bf’s face, He immediately tries to lick your pussy with his tongue stuck out.
    At that same moment, I shove my cock in your pussy with force in doggy position.
    That makes his tongue bend inside your pussy against the inner walls of your pussy.
    My thrusting cock rubs against inner of your pussy and his tongue entangled between my cock and your pussy walls…
    my balls start smashing on his face/cheeks and his nose as he continues to watch the fucking action right in front of his eyes…
    He thought that I would use condom but was surprised to realise that my bare cock was exploring depths of his gf’s pussy…
    He also thought that some salty taste that his tongue was experiencing must have been because of the pre-cum from my cock
    which slide past his tongue as it entered into your pussy…

  4. My partner is exactly the same…….I get sent to the spare room when she brings home her BBC lovers & once they have filled her holes full of black seed she makes me clean her up

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