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MWF with black desires

I keep having these fantasies about black men. I find myself at work daydreaming about the FedEx guy. I been married for 8 years, but can’t break this fascination. Whenever i see a black guy, all i can think about his how big is cock could be. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?MWF with black desires

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7 thoughts on “MWF with black desires

  1. The Real thing is Always best,,See if Fed ex Stud has Superior Black friends & have a Birthday Party & see how many candle’s you can blow.

  2. My first advice is: drop it, or get a big black dildo or even a big black strap on for you hubby to ware and let him fuck you with it. Pursuing it will most likely ruin you marriage. But if you really want to do this here’s some advice a posted for another gal:…
    First of all I’m a white guy.
    Secondly I wish my wife wanted what you want.
    Some insight and info on the male psychy:
    If you pursue this, I think you will find your experience much more enjoyable if you told your husband and invited him to help you find your self a Big Black Bull. It will make it more enjoyable to not have the guilt of going behind his back, And will give you added safety to have him there.
    Now, I wouldn’t just spill the beans.
    This is how to approach it:
    Go buy a really naughty teddy, Paint your make-up on like a teenage slut, and do your hair nice. When your man gets home, meet him at the door with a drink. (even if it’s a lemonade) hand it to him drop to your knees pull out his piece and blow his mind. (If he stops you’, smile and say “I’ll wait for you in the living room” wink and walk away) (If he says he’s to tired laugh and say “fine go shower I’ll rock your world when you get out, it will help you sleep.”) Then (when he’s ready) Suck him until he shoots his load. If you don’t typically swallow, swallow it all. finish by licking your lips and saying yummy with a naughty smile. If you always swallow then shoot it on your face and chest, then use your fingers to clean it up and lick them off. If he asks what got into you tell him you’ve been fantasisizing about that for months, if he says “thank you or that was amaving” tell him “No, thank you for fullfilling my fantacy” either way get on the subject of fantasies, (you’ll have to play it by ear.) Then ask him about his sexual fantasies. If he hesitates, start out by saying some fanatasies of your own like where you would like to have sex; lead to discussing having sex out in the open, Get him talking, if he mentions some simple fantasies of his own say “we should try that some time.” with a smile and a wink. discuss other fantasies then mention being fucked by 2 men at the same time. If he gets upset say”It’s just a fantasy they can both be you in my fantasy.” (most men fantacise about multiple women or women they work or associate with, maybe even your friends or sisters) Get him to open up about his fantasies with other people, you ma yhave to even wait a few days. try to bring it up while giving him a lap dance, or fullfilling one of his fantasies.
    After hes admitted to fantasies not involving you, find an opprotunity to talk about you with other people (If it’s a touchy subject try this.)
    Go out to gether and discuss what women around him he finds hot. see if he has any intrest in women of other races. if he does, for example asian women, dress up like one, try to talk like one, and seduce him. you may want to practice this while he’s at work un til you sound good. Then when he riding you hard say “yes Fuck my tight little assian (or what ever race) pussy, I luv big white cock in me learn to scream yes and harder in that language.
    Afterward ask him how it was. then say. “Hmmm I wonder…” He’ll say “What?” say “oh that just made me wonder what it would be like to Fuck a Black man.”

    (Getting to this point may have taken several discussions over several weeks or even months. Also by the time you get here your sex life may be so great you may not want to go farther, I recomend stopping here because past this, there’s no going back)

    If he doesn’t jump on board right away and talk about it with you then let him stew a few days or weeks. once in a while maybe even every few weeks or even months point out a large black man smile and say “I wonder what it would be like to be fucked by that while blowing you?” then smile again and wink and drop it. (make sure you use the word “THAT” rather than “HIM.” It will turn the other man into a sex toy in your husbands mind rather than a threat to your relationship) may be you could even go to a sextoy shop together and buy a big black dildo and let your husband fuck you with it in the parkinglot or car or as soon as you get home.
    Eventually he will come ask you if you really want to have an extra partner in bed, you may have to start with a white guy. Your husband will mostlikely take the enitiative to set it up. (It is very likely he has fantasized already about tag teaming you with another guy and he’ll be tempted to try it.) After that you can move on to bigger and blacker cocks!

    Good luck and if you’re a religious person you will burn in hell if you do this 😉

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