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My cuck

I don’t make my hubby wear anything out of the ordinary, that does nothing for me. I do love to make him lick other men’s cum from my pussy. I don’t let him watch others fuck me either. I make him lie on the floor beside the bed and listen to my fun knowing he’s not going to get any, except for the clean up of both of us. Sometimes I enjoy making him lick my pussy and my lovers cock while we fuck, that feels great.your interracial slutyour interracial slut

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13 thoughts on “My cuck

  1. Gloria, as secret cuck want to be with a wife who is so vanilla, may I say thank you for your post. Not only are your face and tits very sexy, but combined with your words, oh yeah.

    Having your hubby listen in and then clean you out is music to my ears, I think a lot of us guys deep down would really love to be in that situation .

    To help with the visualization, if you have any pics of your bull doing you and our his cum dripping out, that would be awesome.

  2. Your a real naughty slutty whore but i love it, maybe i will try this, keep up the black fucking honey x

  3. You are one sexy assed woman. You also make me miss the couple that I used to play with. Sometimes i’d make hubby watch/listen from the other room. Other times I make him drop her off at my condo. It was just getting to the point where he was ready to taste my BBC(although he was on the D/L about it) Anyone in the North Dallas suburbs area get with me @ let’s have some fun

  4. fine work. you are a true Black cock lover. I love the way you dominate your Hubby and have your fun while he listens. I would love to Fuck you senseless and slap my cock around your Hubbys head witha thud and let him lick the Pussy juices off before I fed my meat into you again for some serious hard wet fucking. You are a star. recent genuine photos of me on request.

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