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My darkest desire

My darkest desire is fairly simple, and most oikely a common one as well, as I am a cuckold and very much know my proper place.
I am married (not for real but have hopes of the right woman) to a woman who desires deeply to have a husband and a family, yet she also needs, not wants, but needs much cock to be completely and fully darkest desaire

It is middle the night and I awake to a motion in the bed, not opening my eyes, I listen as I hear soft moans and deeper groans. I slowly open my eyes to have my vision filled with her slowly sucking on a large black cock, glistening in the darkness slowly sliding in and out of her delicate yet hungry mouth.

It is her regular bull lover, having slipped in during the night (he has his own key) and helping himself to my beautiful wanton wife. I continue to lie still, my small dick stirring at the beautiful site before me. His massive balls full, him groaning deeply on every push, wetting more of the length. She belongs to his breeding tool this evening and all I can do is watch, mesmerized at the beautiful sensual site.

His massive hands reach down, grabbing her head and forcing just that much more into her sweat beeded face… her legs open, her hand reaches for and takes mine in hers, guiding me between her soft tender thighs. I touch her and pinch her clit, already wet as can be and obviously ready for her breeding master to mount her.

I love her at this moment with more heart than any man could love a woman, I take joy and pleasure in knowing my wife is to receive such pleasure, that she is to be so very very satisfied.

He slowly, ever so slowly slides his cock from her lips. The entire length wet with her saliva. Grabbing her waist, he turns her towards him, and opening her legs wide and high, without touching himself, he guides his huge cockhead toward her lips. I can tell from her sounds – that he has touched her opening, as I watch in the night – his simply tenses the nuscles of his beautiful black muscular ass, and pushes balls deep in one slow steady thrust, staying buried until her body stops being so tense. I hear her sucking air, whimpering at it’s size and depth.

But then, this is why I married such a woman, because I need a woman who will love me in every way but I also do not expect her to go without true sexual fulfillment because of the marriage.

Watching, listening, imagining or being home and knowing that my wife is being bred by black men is absolutely awesome.

That’s one of my many many gantasies, although I have been in a cuckold relationship years ago, never was she truly a woman with need for cock. I know somewhere there is just such a woman, and I continue to search for her.

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